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Guide AI

Transforming audio Guides with cutting-edge AI, making knowledge-sharing seamless, inclusive, and engaging for all.


About the Guide AI Tool

Guide AI the audio guide scene with cutting-edge AI text-to-speech technology. Now, anyone can independently craft and release audio guides on their website. All that’s required is a script and a few photos.

Create multilingual audio guides for any location using this free smartphone-based platform on this website. Guide AI is designed to be accessible to everyone and allows users to develop smartphone-based audio guides in multiple languages for any location.

This AI tool is useful for tour operators, museums, educators, independent content creators, and any organization or individual wanting to provide informative audio content for specific locations or subjects.

Using AI text-to-speech technology, Guide AI ensures consistently high-quality audio guides, eliminating the need for recordings or any technical expertise.

Guide AI Features

Guide AI stands out as an AI audio guide platform that offers various features customized to enhance user experience and accessibility:

  • Automatic Translation: Boost inclusivity with translations into 11 foreign languages.
  • High-Quality Audio Guides: Leveraging advanced AI text-to-speech technology.
  • Accessibility Features: Catering to partially sighted visitors.
  • No Technical Expertise Required: Simply provide a script and images.
  • Revenue Generation: Authors can earn from guide sales.
  • Easy-to-Use Interface: Streamlined website and app for effortless guide creation.
  • Diverse Finance Models: Offering different models to cater to various needs.

Guide AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Guide AI is the perfect platform for museums, historical sites, tourist attractions, and even individuals passionate about sharing knowledge. Some of its applications include:

  • Creating engaging audio guides for museums and historical landmarks.
  • Offering multilingual guides for tourist spots to cater to international visitors.
  • Assisting partially sighted visitors with dedicated audio content.
  • Providing an additional income stream for content creators through guide sales.
  • Enhancing visitor experiences at attractions with rich, AI-generated audio content.

Guide AI Pricing

Guide AI offers diverse finance models to cater to a wide range of needs:

  • Pay-Per-Download: For a single language, there’s a fee of $5.36 per month plus $3.21 per download.
  • Subscription: Priced at $128.58 per month, offering free audio guides and an author revenue of 55% from each guide sale.
  • Revenue Share: Authors can earn a revenue of 40% from each guide sale.

Additionally, Guide AI promotes inclusivity by offering free guides for partially sighted visitors on the Subscription and Pay-Per-Download models.


What sets Guide AI apart from other audio guide platforms? 

Guide AI uses advanced AI text-to-speech technology, which allows its users to develop and publish high-quality audio guides without any technical expertise.

How does Guide AI support partially sighted visitors? 

Guide AI encourages the creation of dedicated audio guides for partially sighted visitors, offering them free of charge on certain finance models.

Can I earn from my audio guides on Guide AI? 

Yes. Guide AI offers different finance models, allowing authors to earn revenue from guide sales.

Do I need technical expertise to create audio guides on Guide AI? 

No, all you need is a script and some images. Guide AI’s advanced AI technology takes care of the rest.

How does Guide AI ensure the quality of audio guides? 

Guide AI harnesses the latest advancements in AI text-to-speech technology, setting a benchmark in the industry for producing audio guides. 

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