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The AI-powered job search engine for proactive job seekers.


About the iApply Tool

iApply is an innovative tool designed to simplify the job search process for job seekers around the world. revolutionizes the job search with its pioneering AI platform, which autonomously discovers, aligns, and applies to up to 4,000 real-time, trustworthy job postings in your three chosen countries. 

This groundbreaking platform ensures job seekers can unwind, trusting iApply’s AI algorithm to handle job applications for them.

Leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence, iApply automates the job application process, ensuring that users get matched with the most relevant job opportunities in real-time. 

Instead of manually searching and applying for jobs, users can rely on iApply’s AI algorithms to do the heavy lifting for them.

iApply Features

iApply is not just another job search engine. It’s a tool designed with the modern job seeker in mind, offering a range of features that make job hunting more efficient and effective:

  • Automated Applying: The platform doesn’t just suggest jobs; it actively applies on behalf of the user.
  • Worldwide Coverage: Users can specify up to three countries and job titles, and iApply’s AI will search globally.
  • User Dashboard: Track applications, view detailed analytics, and monitor job matches.
  • Organized Profiles: iApply presents user profiles in a modern, organized manner, enhancing visibility to potential employers.
  • Time-saving: Eliminate the need to manually search and apply for jobs.
  • Opportunities: The AI scans the entire web, ensuring users get matched with the best job opportunities.

iApply Use Case – Real-World Applications

iApply is the perfect tool for both fresh graduates and experienced professionals. Its applications include:

  • Fresh Graduates: Navigate the challenging job market with AI assistance, ensuring that entry-level positions are easily accessible.
  • Working Professionals: iApply can help find jobs that align with your career goals if you are a job seeker.
  • Unemployed Jobseekers: Re-enter the job market with confidence, letting iApply’s AI filter and apply for the most relevant positions.
  • Skilled Workers: Showcase skills and get matched with jobs that require specific expertise.

iApply Pricing

When it comes to pricing, iApply offers two main packages tailored to the needs of its users:

  • Basic Plan: Priced at a limited-time offer of $27 per month, this plan offers AI-powered CV distribution to 2,000 HR managers and recruiters, a selection of three preferred countries and job titles, and a user dashboard with analytics.
  • Premium Plan: For $35 per month (limited-time offer), users get automated job applications by AI, with the potential to apply to up to 4,000 real-time jobs. This plan also includes a user dashboard with detailed analytics and unlimited CV distribution.


What makes iApply different from other job search engines? 

iApply uses AI to automate the job application process, ensuring users are matched with the most relevant opportunities without the manual hassle.

How many jobs can iApply’s AI apply to in a month? 

The AI can apply to up to 4,000 real-time job postings every month.

Can I specify the countries I want to work in on iApply? 

Yes, users can choose up to three preferred countries for their job search.

Is there a iApply trial version available? 

Yes, iApply offers a free trial for users to experience the platform’s capabilities.

How secure is my data with iApply? 

iApply prioritizes user data security, ensuring that all personal details and resumes are kept confidential and protected.

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