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Inworld AI

Generate life like characters for virtual platforms.

$.002 per API interaction

About the Inworld AI Tool

Inworld AI is a fully automated platform for characters. It creates characters based on your requirements. Characters adopt the personality and characteristics defined by users. The tool offers a no-code studio where you can create characters with distinct personalities using natural language processing and simple controls. It also adds emotions and voices to the characters, giving them a realistic touch.

With Inworld AI, you can set a limit on the character’s knowledge or command it to follow a certain context. The tool lets you decide the topics that each character can discuss. It lets you create a character once and deploy it to multiple platforms effortlessly.

Inworld AI Features

Inworld AI uses cutting-edge AI algorithms to create realistic characters. It offers various features for users to have an excellent experience while using the platform. Some of its top features include the following:

  • It is ideal for users of all levels. It has an intuitive, no-coding interface that lets beginners and professionals create characters faster.
  • Developers can directly deploy characters on popular gaming platforms like Unity and Unreal.
  • Developers can modify the characters to act according to a certain context or behave in a distinct way.
  • AI characters can mimic entire human behaviors.
  • It tracks the real-time performance of the characters.
  • Characters can have a personalized discussion with players and also remember the conversation.

Inworld AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Inworld AI is ideal for various industries. Some of its practical applications are as follows:

  • Game developers can use the tool to create engaging characters and enhance the gaming experience.
  • Writers can use the tool to bring their characters to life.
  • Business owners can create chatbots with characters built using Inworld AI to give customers a personalized experience.
  • Designers can use the tool to create virtual characters and add them to their content.

Inworld AI Pricing

Inworld AI offers free and paid plans. You can choose your plan based on your requirements. The pricing options offered by Inworld AI are as follows:

  • Free – $0 – 200 API integrations and minutes, 60 virtual characters, customization options
  • Pro – $20 per month – 2000 API integrations and minutes, unlimited virtual characters, customization options, shareable workspaces, access to Discord community
  • Enterprise – $5000 per month – Unlimited development, unlimited design- time, custom pricing options


Do Inworld AI characters understand all languages?

Inworld AI characters only understand and talk in English. Developers are still working on the tool and trying to add new languages. You can expect to see multilingual characters in the future.

Does Inworld AI create custom voices?

Inworld AI can create custom voices from sample data. It requires an audio clip of at least 20 minutes to generate a custom voice. The feature is only accessible to paid subscribers.

Do I get rights for the characters I create using Inworld AI?

Yes, Inworld AI gives you all the rights to the characters you develop using this tool. You are responsible for the inputs used to create the characters and their behavior. Read more about their terms of service here.

Can I get a demo of Inworld AI?

Yes, you can request a demo of Inworld AI before purchasing the tool. Contact the support team to schedule a demo and discuss more about the product.

What if I run out of minutes while using Inworld AI?

Inworld AI allows users to use the platform for certain minutes. If you exhaust the limit, you will be charged per minute for the additional time. The rate for additional charges is based on the plan you choose.

Inworld AI is an innovative AI character creation tool. It can generate AI characters for stories, games, and virtual platforms without any code. Try the platform to bring your character to life.

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