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Janitor AI

The Best AI Character Chat

About the Janitor AI Tool

Janitor AI is a chatbot that allows you to converse with AI characters of your choice. There are a variety of characters to explore, all of which are created by other members of the community. Users can create custom characters or choose from the site’s anime-style characters. Also, users can toggle the SFW and NSFW buttons on or off.

The best part about Janitor AI is that it suits users of all ages. It allows users to choose characters appropriate for their age group and interests. There are also a variety of safety features to protect younger users. Janitor AI also ensures users have an engaging chat experience by offering multichannel support. You can use the chatbot on different channels and platforms like your website, social media accounts, and messaging applications.

The main features of Janitor AI include:

  • Personalized engagement- users can converse with any AI character of their choice by choosing based on their preferences.
  • Real-time updates- Janitor AI updates chats every 15-20 minutes to ensure interactions with the characters remain current, dynamic, and relevant.
  • Dynamic characters- Janitor AI has a variety of characters, including anime and gaming-style ones, to allow for diversity.
  • Limitless possibilities- users can explore a range of scenarios and interactions from fantasy to romance across different backgrounds and personalities.
  • Multilanguage support- Janitor AI breaks language barriers by ensuring users can engage with the chatbot in their preferred language, enhancing inclusivity and accessibility.
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