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Leonardo AI

A generative AI tool that converts text-to-images.

About the Leonardo AI Tool

Leonardo AI is an artificial intelligence based tool that takes textual prompts from users and converts them into stunning images and art pieces. The tool creates images with thousands of variations and derivatives. It uses a fine-tuned AI model that generates mesmerizing visual art pieces in a few seconds. Users can also train their own model using generative AI training data to create better visual assets.

Leonardo AI offers a full-stack AI image generation platform. It offers various tools to create amazing art and images with just a few clicks. The tool allows users to create images by writing prompts and using pre-trained models.

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Company NameLeonardo
Launch DateUnknown
CategoryArt generation tools

Leonardo AI Features

Leonardo offers various tools and features for users to create jaw-dropping art and images faster. Some of its prominent features are as follows:

  • Users can use pre-trained generative AI models or train their own models to create visual assets.
  • Users can rapidly iterate on their creations while keeping the look and style consistent.
  • Users can convert their existing work into models.
  • Users can create art from text prompts.
  • Users can make deviations in the results to match their requirements.
  • Users can select the type of art or image they want to create from various options like environment, helmet, building, art items, etc.
  • It creates different universes in just a few minutes.

Leonardo AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Leonardo AI is ideal for creative individuals of all levels. Some of its major real-life applications are as follows:

  • Game developers can use the tool to design characters and visuals for their games.
  • Designers can use the tool to turn their imaginations into art pieces.
  • Artists can use the tool to produce consistent artwork.
  • Content creators can use the tool to create stunning characters and publish them on their websites.

Leonardo AI Pricing

Leonardo AI has not yet been released publicly. You need to request access to use the tool. The developers give free access to their users. However, there may be paid plans in the future. Currently, you can use Lenardo AI by hitting the Get Instant Access Button on its home page. The company will share its pricing details later on. Until then, use it for free without adding your credit card details.


How do I use Leonardo AI?

To use Leonardo AI, you must request an invitation from its developers. To get the invitation, fill out the form that appears on your screen after clicking the Get Instant Access button on its home page. The company will review your application and give you access to the platform in a few days.

Is Leonardo AI better than Midjourney AI?

Leonardo AI is a completely free tool and offers features similar to Midjourney AI. You can use the tool to create beautiful art pieces faster. However, Leonardo AI has not yet been released to the public. So, it’s better to use Midjourney if you want to create art instantly.

Can I publish the art generated using Leonardo AI on online platforms?

You can share your Leonardo AI artwork on your website or other social media platforms. Leonardo gives users all rights to use their work for commercial or personal purposes. Read their terms and conditions for more information.

Are Leonardo AI images private?

Leonardo keeps your images public. They are published on its website for inspiration and attention. However, the models you create are private. Leonardo doesn’t share it with other users.

Is Leonardo AI free?

Yes, Leonardo AI is a free tool. You can use it by requesting an invite from the developers. The tool gives you access to its features for free without asking for your credit card details. You can start using it immediately after getting your invitation request approved.

Leonardo AI is an incredible AI art generation tool. Use it to train your own model or create captivating art using its pre-defined models to enhance your creativity.

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