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Your AI Co-Pilot for Parenting Chaos


About the Milo Tool

Milo, crafted in collaboration with OpenAI, is a premier AI assistant designed specifically for today’s parenting challenges. Avni Patel, recognizing the unique demands of raising children in our digital age, conceptualized a tool that blends the sophistication of top AI tools with the nuance of modern parenting. 

Milo leverages advanced machine learning techniques to provide tailored assistance, helping parents navigate everything from student writing assignments to medical concerns like understanding sepsis symptoms. 

More than just a tool, Milo acts as a dedicated AI co-pilot, adapting and predicting the evolving needs of parenting, ensuring a smoother and more informed parenting journey.

Whether it’s SMS threads, emails, or whiteboard pictures, Milo processes all the information and turns it into structured sanity, ensuring that everyone in the family, from partners to grandparents, is in the know.

Milo Features

Milo is a game-changing AI-powered SMS co-pilot designed to be every parent’s reliable and affordable companion in managing the complexities of family life. Some of its standout features include:

  • AI-Powered SMS Copilot: Efficiently manage and organize family details through text messages.
  • Information Processing and Classification: Consolidates data from different sources to offer brief updates and alerts.
  • Event Alerts and Notifications: Auto-generates calendar events or text reminders.
  • Human Empathy and Personalization: Offers a tailored experience to cater to individual family needs.
  • Cost-effective Monthly Plan: Enjoy Milo’s functionalities at a wallet-friendly rate.

Milo Use Case – Real-World Applications

Milo is the perfect tool for parents who are constantly on the go. Its applications include:

  • Family Organization: Effortlessly manage school events, activity schedules, and appointments.
  • Instant Notifications: Stay updated on crucial family activities and responsibilities.
  • Seamless Integration: Connect Milo with existing family tools for enhanced organization.
  • Personalized Experience: Milo adapts and learns based on user feedback, ensuring a tailored experience.
  • Affordable Solution: Experience advanced AI capabilities without the hefty price tag.

Milo Pricing

Milo is not just an advanced tool but also an affordable one. For a monthly subscription of $40, parents can access all the features that Milo has to offer. This pricing ensures that parents get a reliable assistant without straining their pockets.


What is Milo?

Milo is an AI-powered SMS co-pilot designed to assist parents in managing the daily details of family life.

How does Milo work?

Milo uses the GPT-4 model to process user information, such as screenshots, voice memos, and texts, and organizes it efficiently.

Is Milo affordable?

Yes, Milo provides its comprehensive set of features through a cost-effective monthly subscription priced at just $40.

Can Milo integrate with other family tools?

Yes, Milo offers a versatile solution designed to fit seamlessly into your family’s existing organizational tools. Whether you’re utilizing family calendars, spreadsheets, or even traditional whiteboards for planning.

How does Milo ensure personalized experiences?

Milo learns and adapts based on user feedback, ensuring a tailored experience for every individual.

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