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My Voice AI

Harnessing the power of voice for real-time speaker verification using tinyML.


About the My Voice AI Tool

My Voice AI is a voice intelligence platform using advanced machine learning technologies, pioneering innovative solutions that go beyond mere speech-to-text conversions. 

My Voice AI’s premier product, NanoVoiceTM, employs tinyML for real-time speaker verification, even on extremely energy-efficient edge AI systems. 

This AI voice generator also provides features like voice recognition, voice cloning, voice-over, voice changer, and emotion detection, where emotions such as stress, happiness, and anger can be discerned, as well as gender and age detection, all through voice alone. 

My Voice AI’s approach to voice technology ensures a wide range of applications, from securing digital platforms to enhancing user experiences in various sectors. 

Founded by renowned speech scientists and entrepreneurs, My Voice AI is set to redefine the voice technology landscape.

My Voice AI Features

My Voice AI offers NanoVoiceTM technology for real-time speaker verification on low-power edge AI platforms, driven by patented methods and expertise. Some of the features are:

  • NanoVoiceTM Technology: Utilizes tinyML for instant speaker verification.
  • Ultra-Low Power Consumption: Operates efficiently on edge AI platforms without draining power.
  • Patented Technology: Unique and proprietary methods that ensure cutting-edge performance.
  • Expert-Driven Development: Crafted by world-class speech scientists dedicated to pushing the boundaries of voice AI.
  • Beyond Identity: Not just focused on recognition, but on pioneering the next evolution of voice-based artificial intelligence.

My Voice AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

My Voice AI, industries are enhancing security, personalizing customer experiences, monitoring healthcare needs, and enriching entertainment dynamics. Some of the use cases are:

  • Digital Authentication: Businesses can employ My Voice AI to enhance their security measures, authenticating users on their platforms based solely on their unique voice patterns.
  • Customer Service Enhancement: Call centers and customer service platforms can use My Voice AI to detect a caller’s emotions, allowing representatives to tailor their responses 
  • Emotional Well-being Monitoring in Healthcare: Healthcare providers can use this technology to monitor the emotional health of patients, especially those dealing with mental health issues. 
  • Gaming and Virtual Reality: Game developers and VR platform creators can integrate My Voice AI to create personalized experiences. 
  • Marketing Personalization: Brands can use My Voice AI to analyze customer feedback or reactions to tailor their advertisements more effectively. 

Pricing details

The pricing details are not available on the website yet. However, it is advisable to check the website often to stay updated on the pricing details.


What is NanoVoiceTM?

NanoVoiceTM, the premier product of My Voice AI, employs tinyML for instantaneous speaker verification on highly energy-efficient edge AI systems.

Can My Voice AI detect emotions?

Yes, My Voice AI can detect emotions like stress, happiness, and anger solely through voice.

Is the technology language-dependent?

No, My Voice AI’s technology works independently of language, making it versatile for global applications.

How does My Voice AI ensure security in voice verification?

My Voice AI employs cutting-edge anti-spoofing techniques and numerical verification to authenticate the authenticity of the speaker’s identity.

Who founded My Voice AI?

My Voice AI was founded by speech scientists and serial entrepreneurs, including Dr. David Horowitz, Ivar Line, and Nikola Andelic.

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