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Novel AI 

AI-assisted image generation, storytelling

About the Novel AI  Tool

Novel AI is a powerful AI writing tool that allows users to explore their creativity and generate high-quality stories. This platform is a perfect combination of storytelling and artificial intelligence, through which users generate unique stories and novels at a quick speed. The story generation process of Novel AI goes beyond traditional methods, as the AI helps the writer overcome writer’s block and transform their simple sentences into fascinating poems, short stories, scripts, novels, and more.

This tool even allows users to utilize their previously written stories and change them into new ones with the assistance of the AI writer. So, if you have an incomplete story written in the past which you are unable to finish then Novel AI can help you complete your stories effortlessly. 

Novel AI offers two writing modes: Storyteller and Text Adventure. The storyteller mode allows users to have complete control over their story, and users can write content alongside the AI. The text adventure mode is more collaborative, and the AI technology generates various situations and ideas for the writer.

The capabilities of Novel AI are not just limited to story generations; instead, the platform also allows users to generate images and experience text-to-speech with their desired story voice. The best part about Novel AI is that it keeps your generation completely private and secure ensuring the stories can only be read by the writer and no one else. Overall, Novel AI is a decent AI writing assistance that offers good features, capabilities, and ideas when it comes to story generation. 

Key features of Novel AI include:

  • Story Importation: Novel AI allows users to import their previously written stories and transform them into new ones by making various changes with the help of AI. 
  • Private writing: Novel AI offers excellent security and privacy to its users by storing your generated content on its server, which is encrypted with XSalsa20. This way, no one will be able to read your stories except the writer. 
  • Image Generation: Not just writing but Novel AI also allows users to generate eye-catching images on the platform using text prompts in different sizes such as portrait, landscape, square, etc. 
  • Multiple AI model options: Novel AI offers a wide range of AI models such as Kayra, Clio, Euterpe, and more. 
  • Free Trial: Novel AI offers a free trial option through which users can access the platform and its features before purchasing the premium plans. 
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