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Next-gen AI Dubbing service that automates video translation.


About the Papercup Tool

Papercup is an AI dubbing service that focuses on automating video translations. 

With the power of AI, it offers a seamless experience in localizing videos into multiple languages, ensuring that the voiceovers sound human-like. 

This platform is designed to be simple and scalable, allowing users to submit their videos and let the AI, coupled with expert translators, handle the rest. 

Papercup boasts a library of over 100 ultra-realistic AI voices, all crafted using cutting-edge machine learning techniques. 

Every word is quality-checked by professional translators to ensure unparalleled quality.

Papercup Features

Papercup stands out as an AI dubbing and translation tool, offering a wide variety of features customized to meet the needs of content creators, enterprises, and educators. Some of its important features include:

  • One-Platform Solution: A unified platform for all dubbing needs.
  • Lifelike AI Voices: Access to over 100 ultra-realistic AI voices.
  • Quality Assurance: Every word is checked by professional translators.
  • Scalable AI Dubbing: Efficiently dub large volumes of content.
  • Automated Transcription: AI-driven transcription of video content.
  • Human-Sounding Voiceovers: AI-generated voiceovers that sound natural.
  • Easy Submission Process: Simple video content submission for translation and voiceover.

Papercup Use Case – Real-World Applications

Papercup is the best tool for anyone looking to reach a global audience without language barriers. Its applications are vast and varied:

  • Media Companies: Breaking into new territories with localized content.
  • Enterprises: Scaling video content localization for a global audience.
  • eLearning: Making courses accessible to international students.
  • Content Creators: Expanding viewer base with multilingual videos.

Papercup Pricing

Papercup offers a unique pricing model tailored to the needs of its users. 

  • Instead of fixed subscription plans, they provide a “Pay Per Minute” system. For every minute of translated video, users are charged a fee of 20 cents.
  • Additionally, for those who want to test the waters before diving in, Papercup offers a free trial. 
  • For those interested in a more customized solution or seeking detailed pricing information, Papercup encourages booking a demo to get a personalized quote.


What is Papercup?

Papercup is an AI-driven dubbing service that automates video translation.

How many AI voices does Papercup offer?

Papercup offers over 100 ultra-realistic AI voices.

Is every word checked in Papercup translations?

Yes, professional Papercup translators quality-check every word.

Can Papercup be used for eLearning?

Yes, Papercup is ideal for taking eLearning courses internationally.

Is Papercup safe to use?

Yes, Papercup employs advanced security measures to ensure safety and their platform undergoes regular security audits to maintain a high standard of data protection.

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