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Pimeyes AI

A facial recognition tool

Rs. 1,535.99 / month

About the Pimeyes AI Tool

Pimeyes is a face recognition tool that uses a reverse image search algorithm to find images of the person whose sample photo is uploaded to the site. It is a helpful tool to defend against scammers. If you think someone is misusing your images, use this tool to find your images online and see where they’ve been uploaded. You can also set alerts to get notified when someone uploads your image online. You can also permanently delete your image from external sites to protect your privacy.

Pimeyes has an intuitive interface, making it easy for beginners and professionals to use. It can find the original URLs, alt text, and other information regarding your image in just a few seconds.

Official Website 
Company NamePimeyes
Launch Date2017
CategoryResearch Assistant Tool

Pimeyes AI Features

Pimeyes is a helpful image spying tool with various features. Some of the tools it offers are as follows:

  • Users can choose to hide their faces from appearing on the public pages of Pimeyes.
  • Users can delete their images from third-party websites permanently.
  • Users can check where their images are uploaded with a single click.
  • Users can view the URLs where their image has been uploaded.
  • The tool lets you monitor your online presence.
  • Users can reclaim ownership of an image using this tool.

Pimeyes AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Pimeyes is an essential tool for every internet user. It can help individuals in the following manner:

  • Individuals can use the tool to find out who is using their images and get them removed if they are being misused.
  • Businesses can check whether other people or businesses are using their brand images.
  • Government bodies can use the tool to find fraud or scammers uploading images of other people and misusing them.

Pimeyes AI Pricing

Pimeyes is a paid tool offering various plans based on usage requirements. Its pricing structure is as follows:

  • Open Plus – $35.39 per month – upto 3 pimeyes alerts, 25 daily searches
  • PROtect – $47.19 per month –  upto 15 pimeyes alerts, 25 daily searches
  • Advanced – $353.99 per month –  upto 500 pimeyes alerts, unlimited daily searches

It also offers a one-time plan for users to unlock the current search results. Visit the pricing page for Pimeyes for more information. You can also buy yearly plans to get discounts on your purchase.


Does Pimeyes AI give a refund?

Pimeyes AI gives refunds to users who are not satisfied with their purchase. But if you have set up one alert or performed a single search query, the company can’t refund your purchase.

Can I know who is using Pimeyes AI?

No, Pimeyes doesn’t let users check who else is using the platform. It is only for personal use. You can use it to check information regarding your images and not spy on other users.

Can I use Pimeyes AI to search for images on social media platforms?

Unfortunately, Pineyes cannot search for matching images on social media platforms like YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, etc. These platforms have their own security policies that restrict access to platforms like Pimeyes.

How can I check my Pimeyes AI transactions?

If you want to check your payment history, you need to visit the Settings > Payments > Orders & Subscriptions tab. Here you will get all the information regarding your purchase, payment method, etc.

Does Pimeyes AI support multiple languages?

No, Pimeyes doesn’t support multiple languages. You can use the tool only in English. The developers might add new languages in the future. But as of now, it is only available in English.

Pimeyes is a revolutionary face recognition and image search tool. You can use it to search for your images online and stop fraudsters or scammers from misusing them. It is a paid tool, but it is worth every penny.

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