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AI generated impactful resume.

$17 /Per Payment in 24 Installments

About the ResumAI Tool

ResumAI is a product of Wonsulting AI, a company that offers all job-searching tools in one place. The tool allows job seekers to create job-ready resumes faster. It can tailor your existing resume according to a job description or give suggestions to improve it. It can add new sections to your resume and suggest keywords to get noticed by application tracking systems.

ResumAI produces a professional-looking resume based on the information you provide. You have to give your name, educational qualifications, and work experience. The AI will take care of the rest for you. ResumAI creates various resumes, saving candidates from repeatedly modifying their resumes according to different job positions.

ResumAI Features

ResumAI is a one-stop destination for job seekers. It offers all resume creation services in one place. Some popular features of this tool include the following:

  • It creates bullet points for recruiters to easily notice your important information.
  • It formats your resume to pass ATS systems.
  • It offers multiple resumes for different job types.
  • Users can download the resume in PDF format and share it with recruiters.
  • It has various templates for users to create resumes faster.
  • It tailors resumes according to job descriptions by adding relevant sections and keywords to them.

ResumAI Use Case – Real-World Applications

ResumAI is an ideal application for every job seeker. The tool can be used for the following purposes:

  • Job seekers can use the tool to get hired quickly.
  • It can help job seekers create resumes faster.
  • It can help edit resumes by providing grammatical suggestions.

ResumAI Pricing

ResumAI is a paid tool. Its pricing is calculated based on the tokens used for creating or editing a resume. It offers 10 free tokens that generate up to three bullet points. After exhausting the free tokens, you must purchase new tokens. The company doesn’t offer upfront pricing plans. So, you need to pay-as-you-use the tokens.


Is ResumAI accurate?

ResumAI generates accurate resumes with valid information. It doesn’t hallucinate. It uses the information you provide to create resumes. You can rely on the tool to create resumes for your next job.

Can I submit ResumAI resumes for job applications?

Yes, you can submit ResumAI-generated resumes for your application. The recruiter won’t penalize you for submitting AI-generated resumes. However, make sure to check the information provided in the resume. It should match your qualifications.

What are the ResumAI alternatives?

The internet has several AI resume builders offering features similar to ResumAI. Some of the ResumAI alternatives are Zety Resume Builder, MyPerfectResume, etc. You can use the free or paid versions of these resume-building apps to create professional-looking resumes.

Will ResumAI give suggestions to improve my resume?

Resume can give suggestions to improve your resume. It can provide feedback on how to correct the tone, grammatical errors, and format of your resume. It also suggests keywords so that ATS can notice your resume.

Is ResumAI free?

No, ResumAI is not a free tool. It offers ten free tokens that can suggest up to three bullet points. After the free limit expires, you must get paid tokens. The price of tokens is calculated based on your usage.

ResumAI is a revolutionary AI resume builder. The tool creates ATS-friendly, professional-looking resumes in just a few minutes. Start using the tool to stand out from the crowd and land your dream job.

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