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About the Sexy AI Tool

Sexy AI is an AI porn generator founded in 2018 that allows its users to generate images and videos with text prompts. The best part about the tool is that it is free and can be used with unlimited tries, but only premium users can use the AI Porn video generator. The website has an “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, which gives users a random prompt and generates two pictures immediately after it is pushed.

The platform uses a prompt-based interface with two boxes to type in: one for the keywords you want to be omitted from your image and another for the keywords you want. The front page always has a sample prompt to get an idea of how to create your pictures. Also, a drop-down menu above the prompt boxes allows users to choose what kind of images they want. The options include porn, artistic, empower, hentai, or homoerotic for gaylords.

The main features of Sexy AI include:

  • High-quality, realistic adult content- Sexy AI utilizes artificial intelligence to produce visually appealing images and videos for an immersive adult entertainment experience.
  • Ad-free experience- users enjoy uninterrupted platform usage without intrusive advertisements for a seamless exploration of adult content.
  • Variety of style options- users can choose from a range of styles, including artistic and porn, to cater to their fantasies and interests.
  • Personalized images and videos-users input specific keywords to customize their content, ensuring the generated pictures and videos align with their desires and fantasies.
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