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SoulGen AI

Create stunning AI girls art from text


About the SoulGen AI Tool

SoulGen AI is an AI art generator that enables users to create anime and real girl images using text prompts. Also, users can edit their pictures by adding, removing, or extending content using text prompts. Users can customize the anime art by describing their imagination and turning it into an anime picture to personalize it further. To use the tool, upload a reference photo or select one from previous creations, choose the elements you want to remove or add, and then input the desired text prompts. You must do these three steps to receive a customized image surpassing your imagination.

SoulGen AI has two options for creating either realistic or anime images. Users need to input this before proceeding to other steps like customization. There are eight valuable tags to help customize images. They include accessories, scenes, face, hair color, clothing, body, and action. Users can also swap faces by uploading an image. All images generated have a fixed aspect ratio of 2:3, and premium users can generate up to 10 images at a time and choose the best one out of the 10.

SoulGen AI stands out because it features the following:

  • Voice and video calls- users can virtually communicate with pre-trained AI models by making voice and video calls, enhancing user engagement.
  • AI image generator from texts- users input prompts to create high-quality images, eliminating the need for complex design software.
  • Soulmate generation- users can create their ideal virtual AI soulmate and customize them to suit their preferences.
  • Art customization- users can fine-tune every aspect of their art to ensure all their creations are truly unique and tailored to their vision.
  • AI girls showcase- SoulGen AI showcases a diverse range of AI-generated girls, providing users with ready-made inspirations and characters to incorporate into their artwork.
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