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Superflows AI

Simplify product usage with AI.

$199 per month

About the Superflows AI Tool

Superflows is an open-source toolkit that allows you to create an AI assistant to interact with your users using commands and queries. It uses a powerful GPT-3 model to understand user intents and generate responses. 

You can also integrate it with your API and customize the look and feel of the chat widget. 
Superflows AI is designed for product teams who want to increase product usage and delight customers by providing AI user assistance. 

This fastest Ai also offers an AI email assistant that helps you reply to emails faster, manages your inbox efficiently, and provides personalized responses with just one click.

Superflows AI Features

Superflows is an AI product assistant tool that has many interesting features for software developers and product teams. Some of the features include:

  • ChatGPT Copilot: A conversational interface for your product powered by GPT-3.
  • Actions API: Define the endpoints and actions for your assistant.
  • Chat UI: Customizable user interface components for your chat widget.
  • AI Email Assistant: An extension that helps you with email communication and inbox management.
  • Control Dashboard: User-friendly dashboard for easy setup and configuration of your assistant.
  • Quick Actions: Perform common tasks like adding steps to sales pipelines or exporting contacts with one click.
  • Integration into Your Codebase: Embed your AI assistant into your product with minimal coding.
  • Open-source Availability on GitHub: Access the source code of Superflows AI and contribute to its development.

Superflows AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Superflows AI is ideal for product teams who want to provide their users with an easy and engaging way to use their product. It can be used for the following purposes:

  • Enhancing user experience through chat-based product control.
  • Replying to emails faster in just a single click.
  • Quick and efficient problem-solving with AI assistance.
  • Streamlining product-related tasks with quick actions.
  • Integrating AI capabilities into existing software products.
  • Building community and open-source contributions on GitHub.

Superflows AI Pricing

Superflows AI offers a tiered pricing structure to cater to various needs:

  • Hobby (Free): The Hobby plan allows users to evaluate the tool in a test mode. With this plan, the assistant can access defined API endpoints, and users can connect to their API within a playground setting. Additionally, community-based support is available for any assistance needed.
  • Growth ($100/month): The Growth plan contains all the features available in the Hobby tier and supports up to 500 user queries every month along with offering all the testing features. Users can enjoy unlimited testing within the playground, and priority email support ensures quicker responses and assistance.
  • Scale ($1500/month): The Scale plan includes all the features of the Growth tier and caters to up to 10,000 user queries. One of the standout features of this plan is a live setup session with the founders, ensuring seamless integration.
  • Enterprise: The Enterprise plan is tailored for those with requirements exceeding 10,000 queries. It offers customized solutions and dedicated support. For detailed information and pricing, get in touch with Superflows.


Is Superflows AI open-source? 

Yes, Superflows is open-source. Developers can follow its releases on GitHub, get notified of new features, and even make feature suggestions.

How can I integrate Superflows into my software? 

Superflows AI offers a simple setup process. You need to upload the API specification, test the assistant in the playground, and then integrate it into your codebase with a few lines of code.

How does Superflows AI work?

Superflows AI uses a GPT-3 model to process natural language inputs from users and generate natural language outputs as responses. 

How do I use Superflows AI, an email assistant?

Install the Superflows extension on your browser and connect it to your email account. Then, use the one-click reply feature to generate email responses based on the context of the email thread.

How do I test Superflows AI before deploying it?

You can use the playground feature in the Superflows dashboard to test your product assistant in a simulated environment. 

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