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Your Creative Assets, Magically Organized.


About the Tagbox Tool

Tagbox, an AI-driven asset management tool, stands out as a game-changer for creative teams and agencies aiming to streamline the handling of their digital assets. 

Tagbox hailed positively in numerous Tagbox reviews, harnesses advanced AI productivity techniques to scrutinize visual assets, subsequently creating intuitive custom filters for easy searches.

Aiming to counteract the typically chaotic realm of media file management, Tagbox establishes an organized, seamless system particularly beneficial for creative agencies, brand managers, and other professionals handling a vast array of visual content. 

This AI platform’s integration capabilities, evident from features like Brandfolder and in-depth Tagbox tutorials available on YouTube, make it a favorite among diverse sectors. 

Tagbox Features

Tagbox is a creative asset management tool that boasts many intriguing features tailored to enhance the efficiency of creative teams. Some of the standout features include:

  • AI-Powered Organization: Automatically categorize content using smart tags.
  • Advanced Search: Quickly locate the assets you need with advanced search filters.
  • Collaboration Tools: Comment, collaborate, and share assets with team members.
  • Public Galleries: Showcase your assets to a broader audience.
  • Customizable Auto-Tagging: Tailor the AI to recognize and tag based on your preferences.
  • Face Recognition: Identify individuals within images.
  • Cross-Language Support: Search photos in over 100 languages.
  • Video & Audio Auto-Transcription: Convert spoken content into text.
  • API Access: Integrate Tagbox with other platforms and tools.
  • Custom Analytics: Gain insights into your asset usage and trends.

Tagbox Use Case – Real-World Applications

Tagbox is the quintessential tool for creative teams aiming to streamline their asset management. Its applications span various sectors and purposes:

  • Creative Agencies: Organize vast collections of design files and media assets.
  • Retail Businesses: Manage product images, promotional materials, and more.
  • Event Organizers: Handle media files related to events, from promotional materials to event photos.
  • Educational Institutions: Organize educational materials, from images to videos.
  • Drones: Catalog and manage aerial footage and images.
  • Nonprofits: Efficiently handle media files related to campaigns and events.
  • Video Editors: Organize clips, soundbites, and other media assets.
  • Marketing Teams: Manage campaign assets, from images to videos.

Tagbox Pricing

Tagbox offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different needs and scales of operation:

  • Solo Plan: Available for free, this plan offers unlimited users, workspaces, and up to 1,000 media files with 50 GB of storage.
  • Studio Plan: Priced at $80/month (billed annually) or $100/month (billed monthly), it includes all Solo plan features and supports up to 3 users, 5,000 media files, and 500 GB of storage.
  • Company Plan: At $120/month (billed annually) or $150/month (billed monthly), this recommended plan offers unlimited users, workspaces, and up to 10,000 media files with 1 TB of storage.
  • Enterprise Plan: For businesses with extensive needs, this plan offers unlimited media files, storage, and additional features like API access, custom integrations, and more. Pricing details are available upon contacting Tagbox.


What is Tagbox?

Tagbox is a creative asset management tool that uses AI to help teams organize, manage, and find their visual assets efficiently.

How does Tagbox use AI?

Tagbox utilizes advanced AI technology to meticulously examine images, subsequently producing tailored tags and crafting intuitive search filters. 

Is there a free version of Tagbox available?

Yes, Tagbox offers a Solo plan that is free to use and includes a range of features.

Can Tagbox handle video and audio files?

Yes, Tagbox supports various file types, including images, videos, and editable files. It also offers auto-transcription for video and audio.

How secure is my data on Tagbox?

Tagbox prioritizes user data security and offers features like SSO, data migration, and asset version control to ensure data integrity and safety.

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