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Supercharge chat engagement on your stream with Tangia


About the Tangia Tool

Tangia is an innovative tool designed to elevate the streaming experience for both streamers and their viewers. 

This AI tool offers a collection of engagement tools for streamers, allowing viewers to purchase real-time interactions.

Tangia’s primary focus is on enhancing viewer engagement, Tangia has become the best solution for thousands of streamers aiming to create more interactive and memorable streams.

By integrating features that allow viewers to actively participate and interact during live sessions, Tangia ensures that streams are not just viewed but experienced.

Tangia Features

Tangia is a streaming enhancement tool that offers a plethora of features designed to captivate and engage viewers. Some of the amazing features include:

  • Custom & AI TTS: Create hyper-realistic custom Text-to-Speech of your voice for chat interactions.
  • Overlay Memes: Integrate your favorite memes into the stream, enhancing the entertainment factor.
  • AI Image Generation: Partners can utilize a custom AI image generation model for on-stream interactions.
  • TikTok Share: Allow viewers to share their favorite TikToks during the stream.
  • Sound Bites: Viewers can extract sound from Twitch Clips and replay it as sound alerts during the stream.
  • Minecraft Interactions: Engage viewers with Minecraft-themed interactions, from gifting god armor to initiating zombie fights.
  • Interactive Stream Moments: Features like drawing on the stream, triggering a bluescreen, and launching confetti celebrations.

Tangia Use Case – Real-World Applications

Tangia is the perfect tool for streamers aiming to elevate their viewer engagement. It can be used for:

  • Interactive Gaming Streams: Let viewers influence in-game actions or scenarios.
  • Q&A Sessions: Use the custom TTS feature for viewer questions, making Q&A sessions more dynamic.
  • Celebration Streams: Celebrate milestones with Tangia Parties, triggered by viewer interactions.
  • Meme Review Sessions: Integrate viewer-suggested memes directly into the stream.
  • Community Building: Strengthen the bond between streamers and their community by allowing viewers to have a say in the stream’s content.

Tangia Pricing

Tangia operates on a freemium model, making it accessible to a wide range of streamers. 

Users can access a set of basic features for free, with additional functionalities available upon contacting Tangia.


What is Tangia?

Tangia is a tool designed to enhance viewer engagement during live streams, offering features like custom TTS, overlay memes, and interactive stream moments.

Who can benefit from using Tangia?

Streamers of all sizes, from novices to professionals, can use Tangia to make their streams more interactive and engaging.

Is Tangia free to use?

Yes, Tangia offers a freemium model, meaning there are free features available, but premium features might come at a cost.

How does Tangia integrate with streaming platforms?

Tangia works seamlessly with any streaming software that supports browser source, ensuring easy integration.

Can viewers influence in-game actions using Tangia?

Yes, features like the Minecraft interactions allow viewers to influence in-game scenarios, enhancing the overall streaming experience.

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