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Discover the future of video editing with Vidyo. AI.


About the Vidyo.AI Tool

Vidyo.AI, leveraging the prowess of AI, stands out as a transformative video editor in today’s dynamic digital age. 

Tailored for platforms like YouTube, this online video creation platform integrates functionalities like video resizing, AI-driven subtitles, and social media-optimized templates. But it’s more than just an ordinary video editing tool. 

Vidyo.AI serves as a blend of video editing solutions, merging the ease of a text editor with the ability to produce AI-generated, captivating videos. 

From novices experimenting with video making to seasoned editors, Vidyo.AI emerges as the go-to video generator, ensuring content is not only repurposed but reaches its zenith in digital storytelling.

Vidyo.AI Features

Vidyo.AI is an advanced video editing tool that offers many features tailored to meet the diverse needs of its users. Some of the standout features include:

  • AI-Powered Video Editing: Automated editing processes that ensure top-notch results.
  • Content Repurposing: Convert long-form videos into engaging short clips suitable for various platforms.
  • CutMagic: Automatically detects scene changes for seamless editing.
  • AI Subtitles: Generate accurate subtitles for your videos using AI.
  • Gary Vee Style Progress Bar: Add a dynamic progress bar to your videos.
  • Video Resizing: Easily resize videos to fit different platforms.
  • Direct Publishing: Publish your videos directly to platforms like TikTok.
  • Custom Templates: Tailor your videos with branded templates, fonts, and designs.
  • Virality Score: Gauge the potential virality of your content.
  • Bulk Download: Download multiple clips at once for added convenience.

Vidyo.AI Use Case – Real-World Applications 

Vidyo.AI is not just another video editing tool; it’s a comprehensive solution for various real-world applications. Here’s how you can leverage Vidyo.AI:

  • Content Creators: Transform long videos into bite-sized clips for platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.
  • Podcasters: Convert podcast episodes into engaging video snippets for promotional purposes.
  • Businesses: Repurpose webinars and long presentations into short, shareable videos for social media.
  • Educators: Break down lengthy lectures into chapter-wise videos for easy consumption.
  • Digital Marketers: Create captivating video ads from existing content.
  • Agencies: Offer video repurposing as a service to clients, enhancing their digital presence.
  • Event Organizers: Convert event recordings into highlight reels or promotional videos.
  • YouTubers: Repurpose long YouTube videos into shorter clips for other platforms.

Vidyo.AI Pricing 

Vidyo.AI offers a range of pricing plans to cater to different user needs:

  • Free Plan ($0/month): Get 75 minutes of upload, unlimited 720p renders, a single upload slot, one editor draft, and direct TikTok publishing. 
  • Starter Plan ($15/month): Offers 150 minutes of upload, Intelliclip™, 15 GB file limit, 1080p YouTube imports, unlimited 1080p renders, branded templates, and direct TikTok publishing. Ideal for new AI content users.
  • Pro Plan($29.99/month): Boosted with 300 minutes of upload, 3 upload slots, 1080p YouTube imports, branded templates, and clip publishing across platforms. Perfect for expanding creators.
  • Pro+ Plan ($49.99/month): Fully loaded with 500 minutes of upload, 5 simultaneous uploads, Intelliclip™, 1080p renders, and priority support.’s complete offering 
  • Full-Service Plan (From $299): A comprehensive managed service, providing five videos weekly, dedicated account management, and auto social media publishing. Tailored for busy creators.


What does Vidyo.AI do?

Vidyo.AI is a Content Repurposing AI Tool that allows users to upload long-form videos, which the AI then processes to pick out the best clips for repurposing.

Who is Vidyo.AI for?

Vidyo.AI is perfect for businesses engaged in content marketing, video creators, podcasters, and agencies.

Is my data safe with Vidyo.AI?

Yes, Vidyo.AI places utmost importance on data security, employing cutting-edge safeguards to preserve user data and guaranteeing it’s never disclosed to unapproved entities.

Can I create custom templates with Vidyo.AI?

Yes, users on the paid plans have the option to create custom templates, ensuring they align with their specific branding requirements.

How are the minutes calculated in Vidyo.AI?

Minutes are based on the length of the uploaded video. The AI processes the entire video, so the minutes used correspond to the video’s duration.

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