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Vocaloid AI

AI music generator for lyrics and melodies.

About the Vocaloid AI Tool

Vocaloid AI is a singing voice synthesis AI tool created by Yamaha. Users can add lyrics and vocal melodies to their musical compositions. It offers more than 100 voices for customers to choose from. Users can also enter textual input to create voices. It interprets the input and generates relevant voices using its text-to-speech feature.

Vocaloid can create vocals in various genres. It is a powerful tool that can create expressive singing voices in a few minutes. Enter your melody, lyrics, and genre, and leave the rest on Vocaloid. It will process the input and generate your desired vocals.

Official Website 
Company NameYamaha
Launch Date2022
CategoryMusic generation tools

Vocaloid AI Features

Vocaloid AI offers several music generation features for faster vocal generation. Some of its prominent features include the following:

  • Vocaloid AI generates expressive AI voices using lyrics and melodies inputted by the user.
  • It generates vocals in several languages, including English, Chinese, and Japanese.
  • Users can create vocal works using latest techniques like doubling and harmony parts.
  • Vocaloid AI has four voice banks from which you can choose various vocals and voices.
  • Users can edit the music compositions using the inbuilt music editor.

Vocaloid AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Vocaloid is a helpful tool for singers and musicians. Some of its real-world applications are as follows:

  • Singers can use the tool to add vocals and melodies to their compositions.
  • Music enthusiasts can use the tool to improve their singing skills.
  • Musicians can use the tool to compose better music.
  • Professionals can use Vocaloid to compose and edit music without switching to other apps.

Vocaloid AI Pricing

Vocaloids 6 has a free trial for up to 31 days. During the trial period, you can access its features and use the tool to create vocals. After the free trial ends, you need to purchase its paid plan at $225 (without tax) or upgrade to an earlier version at $135 (without tax). The paid tool gives access to premium features and eight voices from its voice bank.


Can I use Vocaloid on my Windows and Mac devices simultaneously?

No, you cannot use Vocaloid on both Windows and Mac devices simultaneously. You have to use the product on one device at a time. For the second device, you need to purchase the product again.

Can I cancel my purchase after paying for it?

If you have changed your mind and no longer want Vocaloid, contact their support team to cancel your order. You must explain your reason for canceling the order within the email. The team will review it and respond in two working days.

Can I use Vocaloid in multiple languages?

Currently, Vocaloid is available in three languages. You can use it in English, Japanese, and Chinese. The developers will all add new languages in the future.

What payment types does Vocaloid support?

Vocaloid accepts payments in various ways. It accepts debit and credit cards, payments from other payment apps like PayPal, UnionPay, PayU, and several other local cards. Visit their payment page to see if your preferred payment method is supported.

Is Vocaloid a safe tool?

Vocaloid AI is a safe and reliable tool from Yamaha. The tool keeps your data private and encrypts it to prevent hackers from stealing it. You can create vocals using this app and use them in your work without worrying about your data privacy.

Vocaloid AI is a cutting-edge singing synthesis tool. Use it to create expressive vocals and make your music compositions better.

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