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Content generation across macOS and iOS.

$10 /month

About the WriteMage Tool

WriteMage, developed in early December 2022, is a groundbreaking application designed to supercharge content creation on macOS and iOS devices. 

WriteMage is powered by the advanced ChatGPT model, WriteMage offers users the ability to generate content within any macOS application, functioning similarly to Apple Spotlight. 

This AI-powered tool, WriteMage comes equipped with a Prompt Editor GUI, enabling users to customize prompts according to their preferences. 

The application’s integration extends to the iOS keyboard, ensuring a seamless content generation experience across all apps in the store. 

WriteMage’s commitment to user privacy is evident, as it only connects to the OpenAI server when running, ensuring no data is transferred back to any other server. 

With WriteMage’s robust features and user-centric design, WriteMage is set to redefine the content creation landscape for macOS and iOS users.

WriteMage Tool Features:

The app’s unique design ensures that it remembers session-specific conversations, allowing users to pick up from where they left off. Some of the features are:

Seamless Integration with macOS and iOS

  • WriteMage is designed to work effortlessly across any macOS application, functioning similarly to Apple Spotlight. Its integration extends to the iOS keyboard, ensuring users can generate content across all apps in the store without switching between applications.

Powered by Advanced ChatGPT Model

  • At the heart of WriteMage is the ChatGPT model, known for its capability to generate coherent and contextually relevant content. This ensures that the content produced is of high quality and meets the user’s requirements.

Session-Specific Memory

  • One of the standout features of WriteMage is its ability to remember the context of the conversation within a session. This means if a user starts a topic and returns to it later in the session, WriteMage can pick up from where it left off, ensuring continuity.

Customizable Prompts with Editor GUI

  • WriteMage empowers users with a Prompt Editor GUI, allowing them to customize the prompts to fit their specific needs. This ensures that the AI understands the context better and produces content tailored to the user’s requirements.

Prioritizing User Privacy

  • Data security and user privacy are paramount for WriteMage. The application ensures that when it’s running, it only connects to the OpenAI server, and no data is transferred back to any other server, safeguarding user information.

WriteMage Tool Use Case – Real-World Applications

WriteMage is a cutting-edge AI application that seamlessly integrates chat GPT into macOS and iOS ecosystems, supercharging user productivity across all apps on their devices. Some of the use cases are:

Content Marketing and Blogging

  • Digital marketers and bloggers can use WriteMage to quickly generate drafts or complete articles. Whether it’s a promotional piece or an informative blog post, WriteMage can assist in producing high-quality content.

Academic and Research Writing

  • Students, researchers, or academicians can leverage WriteMage to draft papers, essays, or research documents. The tool can help in generating content, references, or even summaries.

Efficient Email Drafting

  • Professionals who often find themselves drafting numerous emails can use WriteMage to generate email templates or even complete emails, ensuring effective communication in a shorter time.

Coding and Development

  • Developers can utilize WriteMage to generate code snippets, templates, or even documentation. This can significantly speed up the development process and ensure consistency.

Language Translation and Multilingual Content

  • For users looking to produce content in multiple languages or require translation, WriteMage, with its multilingual capabilities, can be a valuable asset.

Creative Writing

  • Aspiring writers or individuals dabbling in creative writing can use WriteMage to generate story ideas, character descriptions, or even dialogues, providing a boost to their creative process.

Business Proposals and Reports

  • Business professionals can employ WriteMage to draft proposals, generate reports, or create presentations, ensuring that they convey their ideas effectively and professionally.

WriteMage Tool Pricing

  • Basic: $159.99/year (or $119.99 billed annually). Includes 2 macOS devices, a WriteMage iOS keyboard, and the option to provide your API key.
  • Personal: $189.99/year (or $142.49 billed annually). Includes 4 macOS devices, a WriteMage iOS keyboard, and 750,000 words monthly.


Is WriteMage currently free?

Yes, WriteMage is free during its beta phase.

How does WriteMage ensure user privacy?

When running, WriteMage only connects to the OpenAI server, ensuring no data is transferred back to any other server.

What is the rationale behind WriteMage’s pricing?

The aim is to offer an app that is accessible to everyone at a reasonable price. ChatGPT Plus costs $20/month, so WriteMage is priced at $15.99/month.

How many devices can one license cover?

The basic plan covers two devices, while the personal plan covers four devices.

Can users customize the preset prompts in WriteMage?

Yes, users can edit and add their prompt

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