Top Ten Kaggle Data Scientists, June 28, 2012

Kaggle’s ranking of data scientists has changed a bit since I reported on it in April.

1. Alexander D’yakonov (previous ranking: 1)

Associate Professor at the Moscow State University, Faculty of Computational Mathematics and Cybernetics (CS), Mathematical Methods of Forecasting Department.  

2. Sergey Yurgenson (2)

Research associate in neurobiology at Harvard Medical School.

3. Steffen Rendle (new on list of top ten)

Assistant Professor for Social Network Analysis, University of Konstanz.

4. Xavier Conort (5)

Managing Director and founder of Gear Analytics, Singapore.

5.  Jason Tigg (10)

Ph.D. in elementary particle physics from Oxford.  Works in the finance sector in London.

6. Ben Hamner (new)

Data Scientist, Kaggle

7. Vivek Sharma (3)

Software consultant, based in Delhi. M.S. in computer science, University of Virginia.

8. Vladimir Nikulin (7)

Ph.D. in mathematical statistics from Moscow State University.

9. Momchil Georgiev (new)

Sr. Software Engineer, NOAA. M.S. in Computer Science, Johns Hopkins University.

10. Bo Young (new)

Based in Canada. Kindergarten dropout.