Will Google Own AI? (5)



Matthew Rubashkin, Silicon Valley Data Science:

“[Google’s] TensorFlow is the 800-pound Gorilla in the room in regards to quantity of tutorials, training materials, and community of developers and users.”

Mentions of Deep Learning frameworks in papers uploaded to Arxiv-Sanity in March 2017:

% of papers 	 framework 	 has been around for (months)
    9.1          tensorflow       16
    7.1               caffe       37
    4.6              theano       54
    3.3               torch       37
    2.5               keras       19
    1.7          matconvnet       26
    1.2             lasagne       23
    0.5             chainer       16
    0.3               mxnet       17
    0.3                cntk       13
    0.2             pytorch       1
    0.1      deeplearning4j       14

Andrej Karpathy:

10% of all papers submitted in March 2017 mention TensorFlow. Of course, not every paper declares the framework used, but if we assume that papers declare the framework with some fixed random probability independent of the framework, then it looks like about 40% of the community is currently using TensorFlow (or a bit more, if you count Keras with the TF backend).

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