3 Big Data Startups: Nodeable, Solum, Eliza Corporation


What does it do?  Nodeable provides real-time data stream processing, analyzing data before it reaches Hadoop, thus “making big data small.”

Management team    Dave Rosenberg, Founder and CEO; Matt Asay, VP Business Development; Mark Griffin, Founder and CTO.

Investors True Ventures. 

Big data quote “21st Century businesses thrive by driving abundance and then selling minimization of complexity inherent in that abundance.  It’s what Red Hat does with open source, what Google does with search, and what Facebook does with social.  It’s also what companies like Nodeable do with all the data your marketing/IT operations/sales/etc. systems throw off”—Matt Asay

Update: Acquired by Appcelerator, November 2012


What does it do?  Solum develops advanced measurement systems that enable faster, more accurate and more efficient field sample analysis.

Management team   Nick Koshnick, Co-founder & CEO; Mike Preiner, Co-founder & President; Justin White, Co-founder & CTO.

Investors Andreessen Horowitz, Khosla Ventures.

Big data quote  “Solum’s technology will provide the data to drive farmers’ new intelligent machines, and the software to manage their application on a large scale”—John O’Farrell, Andreessen Horowitz

Eliza Corporation

What does it do?  Every day, Eliza Corporation’s tailored communications connect millions of people with timely, personally relevant information that drives healthier behavior. Eliza’s integrated communication strategies consistently yield superior outcomes in terms of improved engagement, clinical measures, and financial savings.

Management team   Lucas Merrow, Founder and CEO; Alexandra Drane, Founder, Chief Visionary Officer and Chair of the Board; John Shagoury, President; Gadi Lachman, Chief Operating Officer.

Investors Parthenon Capital Partners.

Big data quote  “One of the challenges our industry faces is we presume access to large amounts of data also comes with a button that says ‘Insights.’ … I think we’re in the middle of a very messy period when folks are getting that just having a lot of data won’t get people to do what they should be doing when it comes to their health on a day-to-day basis. Data doesn’t magically make it possible for us to influence behavior”–Alexandra Drane


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