Fastest $1B+ Exits For VC-Backed Companies


CB Insights:

Walmart bought for $3.3B a little over a year after the site was officially launched…Airwatch represents the fastest acquisition post-investment, selling the company to VMWare about a year after raising a gigantic $200M growth equity round (Airwatch was bootstrapped for the decade prior to the fundraise so the company was definitely more mature than a company like Biotech company Flexus Biosciences sold to Bristol-Myers Squibb for a total of $1.25B after raising an initial  $15M from Kleiner Perkins less than 500 days prior. Jet is the 5th fastest flip. The largest quick acquisition on this list is Whatsapp, acquired by Facebook with a final price tag of $22B. Facebook acquired 3 companies on this list: Oculus,Instagram, and Whatsapp highlighting their penchant to snap up emerging consumer platforms quickly.

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