3 Big Data Startups: BigML, DataPop, Knoema


What does it do? Founded in 2011, BigML’s ambition is to introduce large scale machine learning to the masses. It provides a cloud-based, easy-to-use machine learning service.  

Management team    Francisco J Martin, Co-Founder and CEO; Justin Donaldson, Co-Founder and President; José Antonio Ortega, Co-Founder and hacker-at-large; Jos Verwoerd, Co-Founder and VP, Business Development

Investors No VC involvement reported

Big data quote  “Machine learning is a tool, and like any useful tool, it has the potential make the world better for experts and non-experts alike.  This is especially true for businesses of all stripes.  Whether you work with wonderful wines, worrisome weather, or worn out Winnebagos, BigML can help you understand and predict the important aspects of your business.”


What does it do? Founded in 2008, DataPop simplifies how companies create high-performing, customized, relevant ads. DataPop relies on semantic search and natural-language processing to infer connections between what consumers enter into the search window and what they really want, and then on machine learning to help with everything from determining common spelling mistakes to search construction to the sequence of events that leads to a purchase.

Management team  Jason Lehmbeck, CEO and co-founder; John Zimmerman, COO and co-founder

Investors Rincon Venture Partners, IA Ventures, Momentum Venture Management, Accelerator Ventures.

Big data quote  John Zimmerman: “[A human could never understand all the patterns and relationships at play in the data, in part because they’re so subtle.] It’s not this big beat-you-over-the-head-with-an-overaggressive-message [approach]. There are certain triggers that will get people to respond.”


What does it do? Knoema is the world’s first knowledge platform that leverages data and offers tools to its users to harness the knowledge hidden within the data. With more than 500 datasets on various topics, gallery of interactive, ready to use dashboards and its user friendly analysis and visualization tools Knoema does for data what YouTube did to videos.

Management team Vladimir Bougay, founder and CTO.

Investors No VC investment reported.

Big data quote  “Do you know that people in Norway on average spend $4482 on food while people in Uzbekistan spend just $217? More than 20 times less.”