3 Big Data Startups: Kyruus, Farmeron, Civitas Learning


What does it do?  Kyruus uses Big Data to help organizations engage, manage, and optimize physician networks.

Management team    Gardner Graham, Co-Founder and the CEO; Julie Yoo, Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer; Vinay Seth Mohta, Co-Founder and the Chief Technology Officer; Puneet Batra, Chief Data Scientist. 

Investors Highland Capital Partners, Venrock, Gerson Lehrman Group, Jonathan Bush, Ed Park, John Goldsmith, James Golden.

Big data quote  “It’s a horrible experience to find a doctor in a page on an insurance website. We’re employing data and rules-driven types of tools to leverage big data approaches to provide a better user experience”–Julie Yoo


What does it do?  Farmeron helps farmers manage and analyze their data online.

Management team    Matija Kopi?, founder and CEO; Marko Dukmeni?, CTO.

Investors 500startups and Dave McClure, Seedcamp, the Accelerator Group and Robin Klein; Zeljko Mataija; Jeff Clavier; Reshma Sohoni; NextView Ventures; Naval Ravikant; Evan Nisselson; Taavet Hinrikus.

Big data quote  “The major problem we keep on seeing — especially in bigger, modern farms — is that there’s a lot of data being created and not being used, on how they’re performing, what they’re doing”–Matija Kopi?

Civitas Learning

What does it do?  Civitas Learning brings predictive analytics to higher education.

Management team    Charles Thornburgh, Founder and CEO; Tom Warmbrodt, Vice President of Engineering; Laura Malcolm, Vice President of Product.

Investors Austin Ventures, First Round Capital, Floodgate.

Big data quote  “Students are operating in an information vacuum… once you get good at predicting students’ engagement patterns…you can predict how students will interact with the course… we give them Netflix-style recommendations… [and] we can warn them about taking combinations of classes that have shown to be toxic for students”–Charles Thornburgh