3 Big Data Startups: Paradigm4, DataSift, Mortar Data


What does it do?  Founded in 2010, Paradigm4 is a massively scalable advanced analytics platform with an innovative non-relational database under the hood. It aims to  provide faster analytics, across larger data sets, with seamlessly integrated data management.

Management team Mike Stonebraker, CTO; Marilyn Matz, CEO; Paul Brown, Chief Architect    

Investors Sigma Partners and Kepha Partners.

Big data quote  “The data that’s coming in is being generated not by human beings very much but by machines. And machines are very like reality TV stars: they’re fast, they’re cheap and they’re plentiful”–Paul Brown.


What does it do?  Founded in 2010, DataSift is is focused on producing state-of-the-art data-filtering technology and driving innovation in Big Data. DataSift started its life as an offshoot from TweetMeme and today it provides a cloud-based platform helping companies manage and analyze social media.

Management team   Nick Halstead, Founder & CTO; Rob Bailey, CEO; Tim Barker, CMO

Investors David Richmond, Hermann Hauser, GRP Partners, IA Ventures

Big data quote “Now NLP (natural language processing) techniques are such that you can spot intent in conversations. So for example you could get a list of customers that intend to purchase an iPad. What you need to do is to work out three things: are they talking about themselves (I intend to buy this?), what the product is, and what is the timeframe? That sort of information is key for sales teams.”–Nick Halstead

Mortar Data

What does it do?  Founded in 2010, Mortar Data makes Hadoop easy, using Python and Pig running on a cloud infrastructure. Mortar promises to have you up and running in under an hour, with no special training.

Management team   K Young, CEO; Doug Daniels, CTO

Investors Chris Lynch, Bob Mason, Matt Turck, TechStars, Atlas Ventures, Genacast Ventures, and Great Oaks Ventures.

Big data quote  “We’re within reach of making Hadoop work with any language”–K Young