82 Startups Disrupting the Healthcare Industry


CB Insights:

Care Planning: Companies creating tools to aid in the development of, and compliance with, treatment plans. An example is Dbaza Health, which built a digital solution to complement chronic disease management.

Supply Management: Companies developing digital tools to aid in handling the delivery and logistics of medical supplies within the hospital. Lab Sensor Solutions tracks the temperature and location of materials such as vaccines, blood, and pharmaceuticals.

Diagnostics: Companies developing diagnostic solutions that have a digital component. Examples include Lumiata, which has built a predictive analytics platform to aid the diagnosis and management of disease states, and Genalyte, developers of a rapid, point-of-care, blood diagnostics platform.

Communication: Companies developing tools to facilitate intra-hospital communication between healthcare workers or healthcare workers and patients. An example is Voalte, which developed a secure messaging service for nurses and physicians.

EMR/ Practice Management: Companies such as Modernizing Medicine focused on either replacing or complementing conventional health record systems.

Surgery: Companies developing digital tools designed to be used by surgeons or in the operating room. Gauss Surgical has developed a surgical blood loss monitoring system that runs on an iPad.

Referrals: Companies focused on platforms intended to aid physicians when choosing a specialist for the transfer of care. AristaMD, for example, has developed a software intelligence platform to help primary care physicians.

Care Coordination: Companies working to ensure all parties in the care process remain informed and engaged. HealthLoop developed a patient engagement platform intended to facilitate patient-physician communication throughout the care continuum.

Patient Experience: Companies such as NarrativeDx working to either measure or improve the patient experience within the hospital.

Infection Control: Companies developing tools to help maintain proper hygiene. One such company is Xenex which develops robots that use UV light to disinfect hospital rooms and consequently reduce hospital-acquired infection rates.

Readmissions/ Emergency Department: Companies such as AnalyticsMD working to optimize patient intake or experience in the emergency department.

Hospital Navigation: Companies such as Gozio Health which develop digital tools designed to help patients and staff better find their way around the hospital.

Medication Management: Companies working in inventory management, medication delivery, and/or prescription verification. An example is Talyst which, among other solutions, develops medication inventory software.

Patient Monitoring: Companies working on continuous bedside or remote monitoring of patient status. One such company is MediBeacon which offers real-time tracking of kidney function.

Radiology: Companies such as Trice Medical or Imagia developing advanced visualization and image analysis tools to aid physicians when making a diagnosis.