90 Startups Changing How We Travel


CB Insights:

Travel tech startups have been seeing considerable momentum, raising $5.2B in funding through 12/21/15. Startups in the travel tech space are making it easier to fly, tour, find lodging, and much more.

The breakdown is as follows:

  • Booking/Search: This was the largest category in our market map and includes startups like Momondo Group and Brazil-based HotelUrbano, which are making it easier to find, compare, and book hotels and flights. 
  • Alternative Lodging: Startups in this category include the high-flying $25.5B unicorn AirBnB, among others. Companies in this part of the map are allowing people to book rooms in privately owned apartments and vacation homes.
  • Budget Hotel Networks: Companies like OYO Rooms and Treebo Hotels aggregate small motels and hotels, certify them for quality and standards, and market the resulting network of rooms under their own brand.
  • Customized Holidays: Companies in this category includes TravelBird, which offers vacation packages at convenient prices.
  • Travel Tech Software: Included are software companies like Switchflythat offer customer engagement tools catering specifically to companies in the travel industry.
  • Activities, Events, & Touring: Zerve and other startups focus on tours and activities that consumers pay for while on vacation.
  • Private Jet Booking: Companies like Victor and BlackJet are making it easy for everyday consumers to book seats on private jets.