What Percent of Jobs Will Be Replaced by AI – Statistics 2024

The rise of AI adoption in the workplace has raised major concerns for workers and employees about their jobs being replaced by AI. More and more companies are adopting AI capabilities and software to their everyday routine and workers are becoming concerned with the implications of increased usage of AI.

According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, 15% of the global workforce, or 400 million workers might lose their job to AI by 2030. In this article, we are going to take a look at AI replacing job statistics and understand the true impact of AI in the workplace.  

Key Statistics on AI Replacing Jobs

  • AI has the potential to replace around 300 million jobs worldwide.
  • 30% of the jobs are likely to be automated by 2030
  • Around 14% of the workforce worldwide is expected to be affected due to AI and Automation by 2030.
  • In May 2023, about 3,900 jobs were replaced by AI in the United States. 
  • 36 million jobs in the United States face a “high exposure” to AI automation in the next few decades. 
  • 49% of Japan’s workforce is capable of being replaced by AI or robotic machines in the next 10 to 20 years. 
  • Around 77% of businesses already utilize AI. 
  • 81% of employees believe that using AI helps in improving their overall performance at work. 

Change or replacement of jobs by Artificial Intelligence worldwide from 2023 to 2028

Most of the respondents believe that Artificial intelligence will impact their current jobs with the potential of being changed or replaced in the next five years. Around 57% of the respondents believe that it’s likely that there will be a change of jobs by AI globally in the next 5 years. While 36% of the respondents believe that the replacement of jobs by AI is likely to occur in the next five years. 

Change of your current jobs by AI in the next 5 years:

Likely Not Likely Don’t Know 

Replacement of jobs by AI in the next 5 years: 

Likely Not Likely Don’t Know 

Source: Statista

AI Adoption in the Workplace By Industry in the United States 2023

According to a survey conducted in the United States in 2023, it was found that 37% of respondents working in the marketing or advertising industry are most likely to access Artificial intelligence to complete work-related tasks. Followed by the Technology industry in the second position in terms of AI Adoption by 35%. Healthcare had the lowest rate when it comes to accessing AI with only 15% of respondents claiming to use AI at the workplace. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing AI Adoption at the workplace in the United States in 2023: 

Industry Share of respondents 
Marketing and Advertising 37%
Technology 35%
Consulting 30%
Teaching 19%
Accounting 16%
Healthcare 15%

Source: Statista 

AI Replacing Jobs And Employment Statistics for all UK industry sectors 

The industry that is at the highest risk is Water, sewage, and waste management with around 62.6% risk of job automation. Followed by Transportation and storage in the second position with 56.4% chances of job automation. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the share of employees and risk of AI replacing jobs in the UK industry sectors.

IndustryShare of EmploymentRisk of Job Automation
Wholesale and retail trade14.80%44%
Administrative and support services8.40%37.4%
Transportation and storage4.90%56.4%
Professional, scientific, and technical8.80%25.6%
Human health and social work12.40%17%
Accommodation and food services6.70%25.5%
Public administration and defense4.30%32.1%
Information and communication4.10%27.3%
Financial and insurance3.20%32.2%
Arts and entertainment2.90%22.3%
Other services2.70%18.6%
Real estate1.70%28.2%
Water, sewage, and waste management0.60%62.6%
Agriculture, forestry, and fishing1.10%18.7%
Electricity and gas supply0.40%31.8%
Mining and quarrying0.20%23.1%
Domestic personnel and self-subsistence0.30%8.1%
Total/Average for all sectors100%30%

Perceived likelihood of AI replacing jobs APAC 2023, by country

In 2023, a survey was conducted based on global views regarding artificial intelligence (AI). It was revealed that around 69% of respondents from Thailand perceived that AI will most likely replace their current job. Followed by Malaysia and Indonesia both countries have 62% of respondents showcasing the likelihood of AI replacing their jobs. 

Here is a breakdown of the Perceived likelihood of AI replacing jobs in APAC 2023, by country: 

Country Share of respondents 
Thailand 69%
Malaysia 62%
Indonesia 62%
India 51%
Singapore 41%
Global Average 36%
Japan 33%
Australia 31%
South Korea 31%
New Zealand 23%

Source: Statista 

Statistics on Jobs and Their Risk of Replacement by AI

According to research, 78% of legal jobs are influenced by AI compared to other occupations or industries. About 60% aged 25 to 34 and 56% aged 34 to 44 of the Europeans supported the replacement of lawmakers with AI. 75% of the people in China also supported the thought of legal occupation or lawmakers being replaced with AI. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing statistics of different jobs and their risk of replacement by AI:

Occupation Risk of replacement 
Legal 78%
Life, physical, and social science61%
Office and administrative support57%
Computer and mathematical53%
Healthcare practitioners and technical50%
Architecture and engineering48%
Business and financial operations47%
Arts, design, entertainment, sports, and media41%
Educational instruction and library33%
Food preparation and serving24%
Healthcare support 21%
Personal care and service19%
Farming, fishing, and forestry18%
Community and social service13%
Production, building and grounds, cleaning, and maintenance7%
Installation, maintenance, and repair5%
Construction and extraction2%

Source: Tech.co

In May 2023, a total of 3,900 jobs were replaced by AI in the United States 

Total job losses of 3,900 were recorded directly replaced by AI in May 2023 in the United States. One of the major impacts was seen due to the tech sector with about 136,831 job losses in the current year. 

30% of the jobs are likely to be automated by 2030

Automation is expected to create a complete transformation in the workforce by 2030 with the potential of 30% of jobs being replaced with AI. This statistic showcases the true impact of automation in the job market, along with the change in landscape that can appear in the workforce across numerous industries worldwide. 

In the United Kingdom, 30% of the jobs are likely to be replaced by AI with 35% of male jobs and 26% of female jobs

A large section of jobs are expected to face a replacement by Artificial Intelligence in the UK. When talking about the percentage of job losses based on gender, about 35% of male jobs are expected to witness a replacement by AI. Meanwhile, 26% of female jobs are likely to be replaced in the UK. This could result in significant implications for the economy in the UK and the labor market. 

AI and ML are expected to replace around 16% of jobs in the United States in the next five years 

With the adoption of Machine learning (ML) and Artificial intelligence (AI) worldwide. Data shows that 16% of the US jobs are likely to be replaced by ML and AI in the next five years. At the same time, about 9% of the jobs are expected to be created. Overall, the net loss of the US Jobs by 2025 is expected to be 7%.

By 2025, 19 out of 20 customer interactions are expected to be assisted by AI 

AI technology is transforming the customer interaction process as today many companies and businesses have set up AI-assisted systems for customer support purposes. The integration of AI in customer support is expected to keep rising in the upcoming years and about 95% of the telephone and online communications are expected to be assisted by AI. 

Within the next 10 to 20 years 49% of Japan’s workforce is expected to be replaced by AI or robotic machines

A major representation of AI replacing Jobs was witnessed in Japan where Fukoku Mutual Life Insurance replaced around 30 workers with AI systems. This replacement took place with expectations to rise in productivity by 30%. 

This truly showcased how AI is being utilized to replace jobs in Japan along with the potential of AI and its increased productivity and the ability to provide return on investment in a short duration. This also highlighted the estimation that 49% of Japan’s workforce is expected to be replaced by AI or robotic machines.

72% of teachers support the rising education and resources surrounding AI

The world is evolving and so is the education system around us. Today, AI is considered a prominent subject that should be taught to students to prepare them for the jobs and opportunities that could arise for them in the future. Around 72% of secondary school teachers and professors support the rising education and resources surrounding AI and computer science. 

Top 5 jobs AI Will Replace 

Let’s take a look at the top jobs that have the highest potential of being replaced in the future by AI or automation. Here are the top 5 jobs that AI will replace: 

1. Data Entry Clerks

The majority of the tasks performed by Data entry clears are repetitive. It often includes processing information from customers’ documents, scanning, and more which makes making data entry clerks’ spots quite redundant. These tasks primarily target automation and have the highest potential of being replaced by AI. 

2. Customer Support Representative

The customer support role is most likely to be replaced by AI. This role is becoming more and more automated, especially with tools like virtual assistants and chatbots being available. These tools can easily handle customers’ concerns or doubts regarding any topic effortlessly. 

3. Travel Agents 

A travel advisor is another job that is most likely to be replaced by AI. Travel platforms are integrating with advanced AI technology to power customer search and generate useful and fun recommendations for users based on their searches. This way travelers can gain maximum information about their destination effortlessly by experiencing virtual tours and watching online videos about the place without interacting with a travel advisor. 

4. Transportation services 

Growth in autonomous vehicles is decreasing the demand for human drivers for transportation and it is expected to impact both taxi and rideshare industries at a significant level. In Fact, popular transportation company Uber has also partnered with self-driving car businesses such as Aurora and Waymo through which they give its riders more options and opportunities. 

5. Factory/Warehouse Workers 

Most manufacturing lines are slowly becoming more and more automated thanks to the advanced technology that can perform numerous actions and tasks at much faster speed and consistency compared to human workers. AI-integrated machines utilized in factories can help retrieve goods, move their surroundings and perform various logistic tasks without depending on human workers. Therefore with time, there is a potential that AI might replace Factory workers at a larger scale. 


What jobs will AI replace? 

Jobs that are repetitive or involve Remote learning, scheduling, and customer support are expected to be replaced by AI. AI writing tools are capable of drafting documents with excellent accuracy and detailing along with chatbots and AI assistants are capable of performing customer support tasks and assisting customers.

What Percent of People Have Lost Their Jobs to AI? 

37% of business leaders have reported replacing their employees with AI in 2023, according to recent reports. A report by CBS News claims that 3,900 job losses by AI were recorded in the United States in May 2023. 

What Percentage of Jobs Will AI Replace by 2030?

15% of the global workforce, or 400 million workers, might lose their job to AI or automation by 2030, according to a report by McKinsey Global Institute. However, there is also a potential of new jobs being generated for users and about 8% to 9% of the workforce will be engaging in work that doesn’t exist today. 

Which job is safe from AI?

Jobs that require human interaction and empathy are safe from AI such as Doctors, Nurses, Teachers, Musicians, Artists, Hair stylists, Makeup Artists, Therapists, School Administrators, and more.

Will ChatGPT replace jobs? 

Yes, ChatGPT is capable of replacing various tech-related jobs such as Programming, Web development, coding, or data science. ChatGPT can write accurate codes, and also perform various corrections, and resolve errors made by humans. In addition, ChatGPT can be utilized to write various basic data structures, and algorithms and even perform deep learning tasks. 

Wrapping Up

With the adoption of AI capabilities in almost every industry, the chances of AI replacing jobs are pretty high. Although AI is not capable of replacing each and every job that exists today, it can easily do jobs such as Data entry clerks, customer service, travel against, warehouse workers, and more. Creative jobs that require human interaction, such as artists, musicians, hair stylists, doctors, teachers, and more, are still pretty irreplaceable.