Big Data Quotes of Week, November 16, 2012

“The more data that you have, the better the model that you will be able to build. Sure, the algorithm is important, but whoever has the most data will win.”—Gil Elbaz, Factual

“With any Big Data project, if you don’t spend time thinking about analysis, you’re wasting your money. You must have a structured idea of what you want to get out of unstructured data”—Ron Gill, NetSuite

“Big Data’s only real value lies in businesses’ ability to transform data into insight they can act on”—Roman Stanek, GoodData

“Some people are deniers. They are actually saying, ‘Oh we have been doing big data for 30 years and that’s just hype.’ Well, any new term can be hype. There are people who dissed social media. Is that hype?”—Mike Gualtieri, Forrester research,

“Every single industry will be totally revolutionized by big data”—Joe Tucci, EMC

[The biggest lesson someone running in 2016 should learn from the Obama campaign:] “I would invest in people.?.?. who understand where the technology is going and what the potential will be by 2016 for communications, for targeting, for mining data, to make precision possible in terms of both persuasion and mobilization”—David Axelrod