Bubblelicious: Venture Capital Deals Surge to $37B in Q3 2015, 23 New Unicorns


Venture capital-backed companies raised more than $37B in Q3 2015 across 1,799 deals globally.


Q3’15 saw 23 new billion-dollar private companies compared to just 12 in the same quarter a year earlier. North America led all continents with 17 new unicorns created in Q3’15.


After a high of $56.5B in 2014, the first three quarters of 2015 already saw $57.9B invested into US startups. While more dollars are being deployed in the US, deal activity looks to come in closer to 2013 levels at the current run rate.

Source: KPMG CB Insights Global Venture Capital Report Q3 2015

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A herd of unicorns — startups valued at over $1 billion — are gathering in the Bay Area. Uber, Airbnb, Palantir… It’s not often in human history that so much wealth has grown so quickly in one place.

There is a boom on. But economists say you can’t call it a bubble till… well, until it goes POP.

Source: Planet Money