Character AI Statistics 2024 -Users, Valuation, Revenue

Character AI has taken the conversational AI industry by storm. Released in 2022, this AI chatbot has witnessed excellent user growth and engagement rate attracting users from across the globe with its unique AI interaction approach. 

Currently, 233.3 million people use Character AI worldwide in April 2024, along with an annual revenue estimated to be $16.7 million as of 2024. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at Character AI statistics including its demographics, user growth, traffic, engagement rate, and more.

Key Character AI Statistics 2024 

  • Character.AI has more than 20 million users accessing the platform in 2024. 
  • 50.42% of Character AI users accessing the chatbot are Male. 
  • Character AI is majorly popular among young adults with 57.07% of users aged between 18 to 24 accessing the platform.
  • The Average time spent by a user on Character AI is 2 hours. 
  • Character AI has been downloaded over 10 million times in Google Play Store. 
  • The United States is the leading country with the highest percentage of Character AI traffic 22.14%. 
  • 72.56% of the Character AI users prefer to access the platform through the Mobile web. 

Character AI Overview

Character AI is a popular startup that primarily focuses on chatbot technology and generative artificial intelligence. Since its launch in 2022, the platform has experienced excellent revenue growth and valuation globally.

Release Date September 16, 2022
Founders Noam Shazeer and Daniel De Freitas
Type of site Chatbot, artificial intelligence, deep learning
Country origin United States 
Headquarters 1152, 700 El Camino Real, Menlo Park, California 

Character.AI Revenue and Valuation Statistics

As of 2024, Character AI’s estimated annual revenue is $16.7 million. In addition, the revenue per employee of Character AI is estimated to be $139,000 as of 2024. 

Character AI Funding 

The total funding of Character AI is $150 million. As of November 2023, the valuation of the platform is about $5 billion. The company has about 120 employees and it witnessed a growth in employee count by 140% since the previous year. Some of the investors who funded character AI were Andreessen Horowitz, SV Angel, and three others. 

Character AI Users by Age Group 

There is no surprise that Character AI has a strong appeal among the young audience. The majority of Character AI’s audience falls under the age group of 18 to 24 years old by 57.07%. The second leading age group accessing Character AI is 25 to 34 year-olds by 22.49% and age group 35 to 44 year olds are the third leading age group with 11.24%. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing Character AI’s share of users by Age group:

Age GroupShare Of Users
18 to 24 years57.07%
25 to 34 years22.49%
35 to 44 years11.24%
45 to 54 years4.58%
55 to 64 years2.72%
65 years or more1.9%

Character AI Users by Gender 

The percentage of male and female users accessing Character AI has come quite close over the last few months. Currently, the male audience is the leading gender accessing character AI by 50.42%. The percentage of females accessing the platform is 49.58%. Overall, the number of males and females utilizing the platform is pretty equal.

Gender Share of Users 
Male 50.67%
Female 49.33%

Character AI Traffic By Country 

The United States has recorded the highest number of traffic on Character AI by 22.14%. Followed by, Indonesia in the second position with 13.04% and Mexico in the third position with 6.71%. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing Character AI Traffic based on countries: 

Country Share of Traffic 
United States 22.14%
Indonesia 13.04%
Mexico 6.71%
Brazil 5.39%
India 4.28%

Source: Similarweb

Character.AI Top Marketing Channels

A large section of Character AI traffic is recorded directly by 64.32%, followed by organic search as the second top marketing channel with 24.87% of the traffic recorded. 

Below we have mentioned a detailed table showcasing the percentage of traffic directed toward Character AI based on marketing channels:

Marketing Channels Share of Traffic recorded 
Direct 64.32%
Organic search 24.87%
Social 8.13%
Email 0.10%
Display ads0.04%
Paid search 0.0%

Character AI Device Distribution 

72.56% of the Character AI users access the chatbot through the mobile web, while 27.44% of the users prefer to access the platform through the Desktop.

Device Type Percentage of users 
Desktop 27.44%
Mobile Web 72.56%

Character AI Top Organic Search Terms 

When talking about keywords, “Character AI” is the top organic search term by 56.37% which plays a significant role in the monthly search of the platform. Followed by in the second position by 4.80%. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the top organic search terms for Character AI:

Top Organic Search Terms Monthly Searches 
Character ai 56.37% 4.80% 1.69%
Beta character ai 1.40%
c ai 1.34%

Social Media Traffic on Character AI

YouTube is the leading social media platform with the highest percentage of Character AI traffic at 56.69%. Followed by Discord in the second position with 7.29% and Reddit in the third rank with 6.59%. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing social media traffic on Character AI:

Social Media Platform Percentage of Traffic 
YouTube 59.69%
Reddit 6.59%
Others 15.38%

Average Time Spent by users on Character AI 

When compared with various other prominent AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, Poe AI, Google Bard, and other platforms, Character AI was able to stand out in the list in terms of engagement time. The Average time spent by users on the Character AI platform is 120 minutes, the highest among other chatbots. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the average time spent by users on chatbots:

Chatbot PlatformAverage Session Duration
Character.AI120 minutes
ChatGPT7 minutes
Google Bard5 minutes
Poe AI6 minutes
Jasper AI3.5 minutes
Writesonic AI4.2 minutes

Character AI Users Statistics 

In April 2024, Character AI monthly visits reached 208.2 million

Character AI received about 208.2 million visits per month in April 2024 according to data provided by SimilarWeb. The total number of visits to Character AI reached a milestone of 624.8 million.

Character AI was the second AI tool with the largest market share worldwide 

In 2023 a report by Statista revealed that Character AI is the second AI platform with the largest market share (15.8%) worldwide falling behind ChatGPT which is the leading AI tool with the highest market share (60.2%). 

Over 16 million chatbots have been created using Character AI

Character AI has gained extreme popularity among users with more and more people signing up on the platform on a daily basis. People are not only using the platform to have fun interactions but instead, they are accessing character AI to new unique chatbots for themselves. According to Bloomberg, over 16 million chatbots have been created by users on Character AI, which clearly indicates the impact the platform is having among users.

Character AI has been downloaded over 10 million times worldwide in Google Play Store

Character AI is one of the most popular chatbot apps available on the Google Play Store. Character AI has been downloaded over 10 million times and contains a 3.9 rating on the Play Store and a 4.8 rating on the App Store

On Average a user spends about 120 minutes on Character AI

Ever since its launch in 2022, Character AI has gained immersive popularity among the audience. In Fact, Character AI is also able to surpass other prominent AI chatbots such as ChatGPT, Google Bard, and others in terms of average time spent. A user spends about 2 hours on the platform daily showcasing high levels of engagement among the users toward the AI chatbot. The average duration for a single visit on Character AI’s website is recorded to be between 30 to 40 minutes.

Character AI resonates with slightly older millennials 

There is no surprise that Gen Z or young adults access Character AI platforms on a large scale with the highest percentage of Character AI users falling under the age group of 18 to 24 by 57.07%. However, it’s quite surprising to see older millennials or users under the age group of 25 to 34 also resonate with Character AI platforms that are tech-savvy.

Character.AI Statistics Reddit 

Over the past few months, Character.AI Reddit has also witnessed great demand among users 

Character.AI Reddit has witnessed excellent popularity among users in the last few months. In Fact, the number of members on Reddit has reached over 50K showcasing its demand among the audience. The majority of the time users are seen sharing various screenshots of their messages or chats, feedback, memes, server downtime, and more on the Character.AI subreddit. 

46% of the character AI users said they want the feature to manually edit their character messages 

A Grand poll was conducted by Character AI on Reddit to understand its users’ demand and gain feedback regarding the chances users’ would like to see on the platform. It was revealed through the poll that a large number of users would like to have the ability to edit their character chats manually. 

In the same poll, it was also revealed that better memory was the second most important feature proposed by the users by 29%. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the most important features that Character AI users would like to see on the platform.

The Most Important Proposed Feature Percentage 
Ability to edit the character’s messages manually46%
Enhanced memory29%
Try to make characters take more initiative13%
Investigate and attempt to minimize personality drift in long chats6%
Don’t let bots do “(OOC: End RP)”5%


How many people use Character AI? 

Over 20 million users are using Character AI worldwide. Also, 4.2 monthly active users come from the United States alone for Character AI according to a report by Similarweb.

Which country uses Character.AI the most?

The United States is the country that uses Character.AI the most with a 22.14% share of traffic, followed by Indonesia in the second position with a 13.04% share of traffic.

How successful is Character AI?

Character is the second AI platform with the highest market share (15.8%) worldwide. Also, Character AI is the leading AI tool with the highest average time spent by 120 minutes. 

Who is the most used character in AI?

Gojo Satoru by Serafinya is the most used character in AI with 303 million interactions on Character AI. Psychologist by Blazeman98 is the most popular mental health character with 113.6 million interactions on the platform.

Is sexting allowed in Character AI?

No, sexting is not allowed in Character AI and the platform contains strict rules and regulations against mature and explicit topic interactions to ensure a safe and appropriate environment for all its users. 

Do real people respond in Character AI?

No, real people don’t respond in Character AI instead they are AI-generated characters who are responding to users’ input. Therefore, users can be rest assured that they are not interacting with a real person.

What gender uses character AI the most?

Males are more likely to use Character AI than females. The approximate ratio of males accessing Character AI is 50.42% and the percentage for females is 49.58%. Although the ratio is pretty close still men do have a slightly higher edge in users for now.

Is Character.AI child friendly?

No, Character.AI is not child friendly and the platform isn’t suitable for children below the age of 13. This platform is primarily designed for young adults between the age group of 18 to 20 years old. 

Wrapping Up

Overall, Character AI has generated excellent user growth and engagement within just a few years of its launch. The popularity and demand of Character AI are booming every day with over 10 million downloads of Character AI official apps on the Play store alone. Looking at the impressive growth and numbers generated by Character AI the future looks quite bright for the AI chatbot.