Anthropic Claude AI Chatbot Statistics 2024

The next-generation AI assistant Claude AI has gained excellent recognition and demand among users ever since its launch in March 2023. This AI chatbot is specially designed to provide a safe and secure environment where users can perform a variety of tasks such as content creation, code generation, data analysis, and much more. In this article, we are going to uncover the latest statistics related to Anthropic Claude AI to gain a better understanding of its total visits, user base, marketing channels, top keywords, and more.

Top Anthropic Claude AI Statistics 

  • Claude AI has a total visit of 65.6 million in May 2024.
  • The average visit duration of Claude AI is 5 minutes and 26 seconds.
  • The United States is the top country sending desktop traffic to Claude AI.
  • YouTube is the leading social media platform that drives 48.96% of traffic to Claude AI. 
  • Claude AI is dominated by the Male audience by 61.14%, while the share of the female audience is only 38.86%. 
  • In 2024, Claude-2 is the most trustworthy AI model based on responsible AI dimensions. 
  • Claude AI is majorly utilized by younger audiences and the age group 25 to 34 contains the largest share of users at 35.92%.
  • The top traffic source to is Direct traffic by 88.78%.
  • Claude’s second version called “Claude 2” was released on 12th July, 2023.

Anthropic Claude AI Overview 

Release Date March 2023
Developer Anthropic
Type Large Language Model 
Headquarters San Francisco, California, U.S.

How Many Visits Does Claude AI Have?

As of May 2024, Claude AI received a total visit of 65.6 million, witnessing a drop of 340.8K from the previous month’s total visit of 66 million. The Bounce rate of Claude AI in May 2024 was 39.42%.

Anthropic Claude is the second AI startup to acquire the most funding 

According to a report by Statista the company behind Claude, Anthropic acquired 4.2 billion and was ranked second top AI startup to acquire the most funding falling behind OpenAI. 

Here is a breakdown of the top 8 AI startups worldwide according to capital invested as of March 2024:

AI Startups Capital invested (in millions) 
OpenAI 14,000
Anthropic 4,154
Shield AI 1,071
Figure 854
Mistral AI 544
Adept 415

Claude growth statistics 

Claude AI is in an open beta phase, and currently, the utilization of the platform is limited to unpaid users. However, since its launch, Claude AI has been considered as a major competitor of ChatGPT. Regardless of its small number of employees and the low profile of Anthropic, the AI startup was able to raise more than $1 billion from investors such as Salesforce and Google. Below we have mentioned some of the key statistics related to Claude AI’s growth: 

  • Claude AI’s website traffic has increased by 160.8%. 

Over the last three months, Claude AI’s global ranking has fallen from 3356 to 1114, showcasing excellent growth for the platform in the market. In addition, overall website traffic has also increased by 160.8% compared to February 2024. One of the primary reasons behind this growth is that more users want to work faster and better with automation. 

  • Apart from English, Claude AI can work in numerous languages.

Like most platforms, Claude AI is also majorly trained to work and operate in English. However, the platform is also capable of working in various other common languages along with the capability to operate and communicate in various less common languages as well. 

Claude AI User Demographics

In this section, we will examine Claude AI’s user demographics in 2024. We will include statistics related to the highest web traffic on Claude AI by Country, gender distribution, Age group, and more. 

Claude AI Web Traffic by Country 

Lately, the country that sends the highest percentage of web traffic to Claude AI is the United States, with 32.35%. The second leading country with the highest percentage of web traffic was the United Kingdom, with 7.49%. India and Australia are ranked third and fourth in this list, with 7.41% and 4.13%, respectively. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing Claude AI Web traffic based on countries: 

Top CountriesWeb Traffic 
United States 32.35%
United Kingdom 7.49%
Australia 4.13%
Japan 3.17%
Others 45.45%

Claude AI Usage by Gender 

When it comes to Claude AI’s audience, the majority of the platform is dominated by Male users. Apparently, 61.14% of Claude AI’s users are identified as Males, while the percentage of female users on the platform is only 38.86%. This showcases a massive gender gap in the overall user base of Claude AI.

Gender Share of users
Male 61.14%
Female 38.86%

Claude AI Usage by Age Group 

Based on the latest reports, the majority of Claude AI’s user base is inclined toward the younger audience. The age group 25 to 34 has the highest share of Claude AI users, 35.92%, followed by the Age group 18 to 24, which has 23.82% of users. There is a significant drop in the percentage of Claude AI users after the age of 44. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing Claude’s AI usage based on Age group: 

Age Group Share of users  
18 to 2423.82%
25 to 3435.92%
35 to 4418.61%
45 to 5411.75%
55 to 646.23%
65 + 3.67%

Top Marketing Channels of Claude AI 

Claude AI’s leading traffic source is “Direct” traffic which drove around 88.78% of the desktop visits in the previous month. Followed by “Organic search” as the second most popular marketing channel generates around 6.81% of the traffic to Claude AI. The third most popular marketing channel is “Referrals” with 1.58% of traffic generated. 

Here is a breakdown of the percentage of traffic generated by Claude AI through different marketing channels: 

Top Marketing channelsPercentage of traffic generated 
Direct 88.78%
Organic Search 6.81%
Mail 1.2%
Paid Search0.41%
Display 0.02%

Claude AI Top Keywords by Traffic Share

The top keyword sending a large range of traffic to the platform is “Claude AI” (970.7K). It is followed by “Claude” (937.5 K), the second most popular keyword driving 937.5K traffic on Claude AI. 

Below we have mentioned a list of top keywords that are driving organic traffic to Claude AI worldwide:

Top KeywordsTraffic generated 
claude ai 970.7K
claude 3121K
claude ia34.4K

Claude AI Social Media Traffic

When it comes to social media, the majority of Claude AI’s traffic comes from YouTube at 48.96%. Followed by Facebook as the second leading social media platform that drives 11.4% of the traffic on Claude AI. Twitter is ranked third in this list, as it drives 8.81% of the total traffic on Claude AI. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing Claude AI’s social media traffic worldwide: 

Top Social Media channels Traffic generated 
YouTube 48.96%
Twitter 8.81%
Whatsapp Web7.76%
Others 14.66%


Is Claude AI better than ChatGPT?

It’s difficult to say whether Claude AI is better or worse than ChatGPT as both platforms are quite effective at analysis. However, Claude has a more “human” and empathetic approach compared to ChatGPT, which can often come across as rational or robotic. Apart from this, Claude’s larger context window also makes the platform more suitable for longer documents compared to ChatGPT. 

Is Claude 3 Opus better than GPT-4?

Claude 3 Opus has an advantage in coding tasks and complex reasoning, which suggests it’s a better platform compared to GPT-4 for applications that require advanced cognitive processing.

Is Claude AI Premium worth it?

Subscribing to Claude AI Premium offers several additional features, such as Increased access to Claude’s processing power, complex tasks, supporting development, and more. However, the free version of Claude AI is also capable of performing various tasks with limited access. Overall, Claude AI Premium is worth it for professional users who require the platform to perform complex tasks and research purposes.

Is Claude AI safe?

Yes, Claude AI is a safe platform. This generative AI chatbot was specially designed with ethics and safety in mind to ensure complete protection for its users. 

Is Claude AI free?

Yes, Claude AI offers a free version where users can access the platform with certain limitations. It usually allows users to send up to 30 messages a day. 

Wrapping Up

The above statistics showcase the excellent potential of Anthropic’s Claude AI growth in the large language model landscape. Claude AI even witnessed an increase in website traffic by 160.8% and reached a global ranking of 1114 from 3356. Apart from this, the user base of Claude AI also showcases excellent usage of the platform among the younger audience and the dominance of male users. Looking at the current statistics, Anthropic Claude AI is expected to witness excellent growth in the future.