Cybersecurity market map


CB Insights:

Network & Endpoint Security: This is the largest category in our market map and includes startups like Red Canary which specializes in protecting an enterprise’s computer networks from vulnerabilities that arise as a result of remotely connecting users’ laptops, tablets, and other electronic devices. Other companies, like Cylance, apply artificial intelligence algorithms to predictively identify and stop malware and advanced threats in defense of endpoints.

IoT/IIoT Security: Startups in this category include Argus Cyber Security, which is an automotive cybersecurity company enabling car manufacturers to protect connected vehicles. Also, Indegy, which provides security for Industrial Control Systems (ICS) used across critical infrastructures, e.g., energy, water utilities, petrochemical plants, manufacturing facilities, etc.

Threat Intelligence: Companies include Flashpoint, which illuminates targeted malicious activities on the deep web and dark web to uncover potential threats and thwart attacks.

Mobile Security: Companies in this category include Zimperium, which delivers enterprise mobile threat protection for Android and iOS devices.

Behavioral Detection: Included are companies like Darktrace, which detects abnormal behavior in organizations in order to identify threats and manage risks from cyberattacks.

Cloud Security: Startups like Tigera offer solutions for enterprises looking for secure application and workload delivery across private, public, and hybrid clouds.

Deception Security: Companies like illusive networks can identify and proactively deceive and disrupt attackers before they can cause harm.

Continuous Network Visibility: Protectwise and others offer solutions for visualizing network activity and responding to cyberattacks in real time.

Risk Remediation: Companies, including AttackIQ, offer solutions for pinpointing vulnerabilities in technologies, people, and processes, with recommendations on how to effectively fill security gaps.

Website Security: Distil Networks and Shape Security offer website developers the ability to identify and police malicious website traffic, including malicious bots and more.

Quantum Encryption: Startups like Post-Quantum offer encrypted wireless and data communications technology that relies on the science underlying quantum mechanics.