Empow Delivers AI-based Cybersecurity

Android with a binary code key

The cost of cybersecurity is proportional to the square of the number of products required for adequate defense. This Cyber Law (you read it here first) means that the proliferation of types of cyberattacks and attackers leads to the proliferation of innovative security solutions, each focused on one narrow aspect of cyber defense. The result is increased cost and complexity of cybersecurity management, including increased number of false alerts and increased investment in the resources required to orchestrate the multitude of products and to train security personnel in the specific language and rules of each security solution.

“Enterprises invest in so many security tools because there is not one product that can protect them from all types of attacks,” says Avi Chesla, founder and CEO of cybersecurity startup Empow. “What is needed is an ecosystem that will treat these siloed tools as one defensive system, from detection and identification to investigation of the attack and then mitigation and remediation.”

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