Facebook is in a category all by itself (#dataviz)



Findings in a new report released by Verto Analytics: 222 million U.S. Facebook users tend to spend 14 hours per month in the company’s app. (That’s 335,000 years worth of time, by the way.) Google reaches 228 million U.S. users, but they spend a little less than four hours a month using the company’s services. Add in the company’s video giant YouTube, which captures about five hours of its users’ attention monthly, and Google still only has a little less than nine — five hours less. Which means in a user-and-time chart, Facebook is all by itself. This matters mostly because in a world of free services in which we — the great device-using unwashed — are the product, and ad dollars drive innovation and competition, reach times engagement equals revenue. In short: Attention winners become financial winners.