Midjourney Statistics – Users, Growth, Revenue 2024

In today’s date, Midjourney is among one of the most popular AI image-generating programs in the market that has completely transformed the AI Art industry. The platform currently has around 19.26 million users on its discord server which clearly indicates the platform has a huge impact among the users. 

In this article, we are going to take a look at Midjourney Statistics to gain a better understanding of its user base, growth, revenue, valuation, and more.

Top Midjourney Statistics 

  • There are 19.26 million Midjourney registered users as of March 2024. 
  • 17.04 million people visited Midjourney worldwide in April 2024. 
  • In 2024, Midjourney’s revenue is projected to reach $300 million. 
  • Midjourney surpassed 1 million users in 6 months of its initial release. 
  • Midjourney is dominated by male users 58.85%, while the share of female users is 41.15%. 
  • As of February 2024, Midjourney’s subreddit members reached 1.1 million. 
  • 75.11% of people access Midjourney via Desktops. 

Midjourney Overview 

Release Date July 12, 2022
Founder David Holz
Headquarters San Francisco, California 
Revenue Estimation for 2024$300 million 
Website midjourney.com 

How Many Users Does Midjourney Have?

According to the latest reports, Midjourney has 19.26 million registered users as of March 2024 on its discord server. Back in December 2023, the registered users were 17.5 million showcasing a user growth of 1.76 million in 3 months. In addition, Midjourney’s daily active users usually move between 1.2 million and 2.5 million.

Users need to create a Discord account for themselves to utilize Midjourney by entering Midjourney serves to access its tool. Which has resulted in Midjourney becoming the most famous Discord served globally.

Midjourney Surpassed 1 Million Users in 6 Months 

Midjourney was released in 2022 and the platform took about 6 months to reach a milestone of 1 million users. It is the fifth fastest platform to surpass 1 million users worldwide. The list is ruled by Threads which crossed 1 million users in just 1 hour of its release.

Rank Platform Time Required to Surpass 1 Million Users
1Threads1 hour
2ChatGPT5 days
3Instagram2.5 months
4Spotify5 months
5Midjourney6 months
6Dropbox7 months
7Facebook10 months
8Foursquare13 months
9Twitter2 years
10Airbnb2.5 years
11Kickstarter2.5 years
12Netflix3.5 years

Midjourney’s Subreddit reached 1.1 million members on February 2024

There has been a significant rise in Midjourney’s subreddit where it went from 0.93 million in November 2023 to 1.1 million in February 2024. Although there has been a constant rise in Midjourney’s subreddit members, the engagement rate has been witnessing a decline on the subreddit. 

Back in November 2023, there were about 200 comments and 70 posts every day compared to 400 posts and 4,000 comments recorded as the peak activity every day. 

Month and YearNumber of Midjourney’s Subreddit Members 
February 20241.1 million
November 2023936,516
August 2023770,442
Apr 2023160,662
December 202261,628
August 20228,430
Jun 20225

17.04 Million People Globally Visited Midjourney in April 2024 

According to SimilarWeb, approximately 17.04 million people visited Midjourney in both January and April 2024. However, there has been a significant rise in the number of visits to Midjourney in March 2024 when the platform recorded a whopping 18.48 million visits worldwide. 

Month Percentage of people visited Midjourney 
February 202417.04 million 
March 202418.48 million 
April 202417.04 million 

Midjourney Demographics 

In this section, we are going to take a look at Midjourney’s demographic including the Gender distribution and Age group. 

Midjourney Users By Gender 

Reports suggest that the majority of the Midjourney users are males, with an estimate of 58.85% users. Although the platform is majorly dominated by the male audience there has been a significant growth in the female user base. Currently, the percentage of female users accessing the platform is 41.15%. 

Gender Share of users 
Female 41.15%
Male 58.85%

Midjourney Users By Age

The Midjourney’s user base inclines towards the younger audience ranging from 18 to 34 year-olds. The Age group with the highest number of Midjourney user base is 25 to 34 year olds with 37.44% of users accessing the platform. 

The second leading age group is users between 18 to 24 years old who have an estimate of 22.39%. 35 to 44 is the third largest age group with 19.62% of Midjourney users. There has been a significant decline in the user base after the age of 44. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the Midjourney Users by Age group: 

Age GroupMidjourney Visitors
18 to 24 years22.39%
25 to 34 years37.44%
35 to 44 years19.62%
45 to 54 years11.36%
55 to 64 years5.72%
Over 65 years3.47%

75.11% of Midjourney users prefer to access the platform through the Desktop 

Since Midjourney is an AI image-generating platform, the majority of its users prefer to access the tool through their Desktop compared to the Mobile web. The small screen of the Mobile web can often make it uncomfortable for users to access the tool and generate their desired images. Overall, 75.11% of midjourney users are accessing the tool through Desktop, while 24.89% are accessing it through Mobile web. 

Device Type Share of users 
Desktop 75.11%
Mobile Web 24.89%

Midjourney Traffic Statistics

In this section, we are going to discuss Midjourney traffic statistics where we will include Midjourney traffic generated by Region, Marketing channel, Social Media, and more. 

Midjourney Statistics by Region 

A large portion of Midjourney users is from the United States by 16.99% with an average visit duration of 11 minutes and 29 seconds. Followed by India in the second position by 5.28%, it has an average visit duration of 5 minutes and 55 seconds and Brazil ranked third in the list with 4.07% of Midjourney user base with an average duration of 10 minutes and 10 seconds.  

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the Midjourney user base based on Region: 

Country Share of Traffic Visit Duration 
United States 16.99%11:29
India 5.28%5:55
Brazil 4.07%10:10
France 3.93%6:38
Germany 3.84%9:13

Midjourney Traffic by Marketing Channels

The traffic recorded by Midjourney in March 2024 was 18.48 million, while the platform witnessed a decline in traffic by almost 1 million the next month when the page visited number reached 17.04 million. 

But talking about the Marketing channels, the Majority portion of Midjourney traffic is generated Directly by 62.63%. Organic search is the second most popular channel generating 30.75% of the midjourney traffic. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing Midjourney traffic based on Marketing channels: 

Channels Share of traffic generated towards Midjourney 
Direct 62.63%
Organic Search 30.75%
Social 3.93%
Paid Search 0.10%
Display ads 0.02%

Midjourney Organic Search 

There are certain organic search terms that have increased the click-through numbers on Midjourney. The most popular organic search term is “midjourney” which generated more than half 52.08% of traffic on Midjourney. Followed by “midjourney ai” as the second most popular search term assembling 4.67% of traffic. 

Below we have mentioned the top 5 organic search terms that generated the highest percentage of traffic on Midjourney:

Top Organic search terms Percentage of traffic
midjourney 52.08%
Midjourney ai 4.67%
???? 1.69%
mid journey 1.58%
midjourney free0.99%

Midjourney Paid Search 

Apart from organic search, paid search also plays an important role in generating traffic on Midjourney. As per paid search, “midjourney” is the leading search term that generates the maximum amount of traffic on Midjourney by 69.09%. Followed by “midjourney ai” in the second position at 9.44% and “mid journey” in the third position at 2.69%. 

Below we have mentioned the top 5 midjourney paid search terms that generate the maximum amount of traffic on the platform: 

Top Paid search terms Percentage of traffic 
midjourney 69.09%
midjourney ai 9.44%
mid journey 2.69%
midjorney 0.31%
midjourney free0.27%

Midjourney Social Media Traffic 

YouTube is the leading social media platform that generates the highest amount of traffic on Midjourney by 37.16%. Followed by Discord in the second position which directs about 29.84% of traffic and Reddit in the third position which directs 8.74% of traffic. 

Below we have mentioned leading social media channels and the percentage of traffic they direct towards Midjourney: 

Top Social Media Channels Percentage of Traffic 
YouTube 37.16%
Discord 29.84%
Reddit 8.74%
Facebook 7.96%
X (Twitter) 5.24%
Other 11.06%

Midjourney Revenue 

Midjourney was released in 2022 and within its first year, it generated a revenue of $50 million. Further in 2023, the platform generated around $150 million and various sources predict Midjourney will witness a growth of $100 million in 2024. In this section, we are going to take a close look at the Midjourney valuation and revenue. 

In 2023, Midjourney generated a Revenue of $200 Million 

Midjourney doesn’t have any client or API and in fact, it had $0 investment but regardless the platform was able to generate an annual revenue of $200 in 2023. The primary interface that is utilized to interact with this generative AI service is still Discord. 

Midjourney majorly focuses on sustainable growth and strategic planning. The platform has generated various paid plans along with additional GPU time purchases. 

Midjourney was ranked as the 4th most visited generative AI service in 2023 and looking at its continuous user growth and demand, various sources predict the platform will reach a revenue of $300 million in 2024. 

YearMidjourney Revenue
2024*$300 million
2023$200 million 
2022$50 million 

The Valuation of Midjourney is projected to rise between 2023 to 2032 at a rate of 34.1% 

In 2022, Midjourney was valued at around $10.5 billion and reports suggest the platform is projected to witness significant growth between 2023 to 2032 at a CAGR of 34.1% which will result in Midjourney reaching a value of $191.8 billion by 2032. 

Midjourney Subscription Plans 

A primary source through which Midjourney generates its revenue is its premium subscriptions. The Basic plan is available at $10 monthly, while the annual subscription costs $96 with $8/month. So, let’s take an in-depth look at the plans offered by Midjourney.  

Midjourney Plan Monthly Subscription CostAnnual Subscription CostsFast GPU Time 
Basic Plan$10$96($8 / month)3.3 hr/month
Standard Plan$30$288($24 / month)15 hr/month
Pro Plan$60$576($48 / month)30 hr/month
Mega Plan $120$1152($96 / month)60 hr/month


How many users are in Midjourney?

Midjourney has 19.26 million registered users on its Discord server as of March 2024, according to the latest reports.

How much does midjourney profit?

Midjourney generated a revenue of $200 million in 2023 without any investors showcasing AI services can be profitable with $0 investments. Some reports also projected the platform will generate a revenue of $300 in 2024.

Which countries use Midjourney the most?

The United States is the leading country that uses Midjourney the most with an estimate of 16.99%. Followed by India in the second position with 5.28% and Brazil in the third position with 4.07%.

Who is the CEO of Midjourney?

Midjourney’s Founder David Holz has been serving as the CEO of Midjourney since its release in 2022.

Who uses Midjourney the most?

Midjourney is most used by young adults. The leading Age group to access Midjourney is 25 to 34 by 37.44%. Followed by the age category 18 to 24 in the second position by 22.39%. 

Can I use Midjourney for free?

No, you cannot use Midjourney for free as the platform has removed its free plans in June 2023. Therefore, users need to purchase a subscription starting at a price of $10 to access the platform. 

Who is the target audience of Midjourney?

The Target audience of Midjourney is those individuals who want to generate high-quality and realistic images using text prompts.

Wrapping Up 

Based on the above statistics it’s clear Midjourney has an amazing user base and revenue generation. Although Midjourney is still relatively new, the platform is making some excellent profits along with sources projecting the revenue to reach $300 million in 2024. Overall, looking at the growth and demand for AI-driven platforms, Midjourney is expected to continue witnessing excellent growth in the coming years.