OurCrowd, most active Israeli venture investor, leads a restructuring of startup funding

Medved Photo Full

Jon Medved, Founder and CEO, OurCrowd

The venture capital industry is under attack. Prominent VC firm Andreessen Horowitz is “blowing up the venture capital model,” transforming itself into a “financial adviser” so it can beat “antiquated rules about what is and isn’t a ‘venture capital’ investment.” The customers are also dissatisfied: VC funding isn’t right for most startups says Indie.vc founder Bryce Roberts, voicing the concerns of a growing number of entrepreneurs who are “jaded by the traditional [VC] playbook.“ And millions of participants in the stock market (about half of U.S. households own stocks) watch haplessly as a number of “unicorns” finally go public this year, “after large gains have been captured by elite early investors.”

Israel’s most active venture investor, OurCrowd, answers these grievances with its twin goals of democratization and globalization of startup funding. “Venture capital has been the most esoteric, the most exclusive investment activity in the world,” says Jon Medved, OurCrowd’s founder and CEO. In 2013, he founded OurCrowd as a new type of venture investment platform, following VC best practices but providing global, worldwide access—to individuals looking to invest in startups and to entrepreneurs looking for venture funds.

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