Perplexity AI Stats [2024]

Launched in 2022, Perplexity AI has created an excellent name for itself as a powerful search engine capable of delivering high-quality and accurate outputs to users’ queries. Perplexity AI has witnessed exceptional growth within just 2 years of its release and recorded 10 million active monthly users. In this article, we are going to take an in-depth look at perplexity AI stats and gain detailed information on its website performance, engagement rate, user demographics, and more.

Key Perplexity AI Stats

  • In May 2024, Perplexity AI received 67.42 million total visits. 
  • Perplexity AI is valued at $520 million as of January 2024.
  • 56.69% of the total users accessing Perplexity AI are male users, while 43.31% of the users are female. 
  • The Average time spent by a user on Perplexity AI is 10 minutes and 51 seconds.
  • 68.36% of the total traffic on Perplexity AI is generated Directly. 
  • The United States is the country with the highest number of Perplexity AI audiences. 
  • Users aged 25 to 34 years old are most likely to access Perplexity AI.

Overview of Perplexity AI 

Launch Date August 2022
FoundersAndy Konwinski, Aravind Srinivas, Denis Yarats, and Johnny Ho
GenreSearch engine
Industry Artificial Intelligence 
Headquarters San Francisco, California, USA

How many people use Perplexity AI? 

As of May 2024, Perplexity AI received around 67.42M visits on the website, with an average duration of 10 minutes and 51 seconds. This traffic growth was 20.71% from April’s 55.85 million visits.

Month, Year Total Visits 
May 202467.42 million 
April 202455.85 million 
March 202440.23 million 

Perplexity AI Users by Gender

The latest reports suggest that Perplexity AI’s viewership is slightly male-dominated as 56.59% of the users accessing Perplexity AI are identified as Male users. While the percentage of females accessing the platform is 43.31%. 

Gender Share of users
Male 56.69%

Perplexity AI Users by Age Group 

Users aged 25 to 34 years old are the leading age group with the highest number of Perplexity AI users 33.47%. Followed by young adults, 18 to 24 years old as the second leading age group with a total of 23.22% of users accessing the platform. 

Below we have mentioned a detailed table showcasing the perplexity of AI users by age group:

Age Group Share of Users 
18 to 2423.22%
25 to 34 33.47%
35 to 4419.54%
45 to 5412.74%
55 to 646.87%
Over 65 4.17%

Perplexity AI Traffic by Country 

Perplexity AI’s core audience is located in the United States, 16.47% of the total traffic is generated from the U.S. Indonesia is the second leading country with 10.02% of the total visitors, followed by India in the third position with 10.02% of the total traffic. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the global distribution of Perplexity AI’s traffic: 

Country Traffic 
United States 16.47%
Indonesia 10.02%
India 7.11%
Philippines 3.64%

Perplexity AI Traffic by Device 

Desktop is the most preferred device type among the users. Around 73.29% of the total perplexity AI’s traffic is generated through Desktop, while 26.71% of the total traffic is generated through mobile. 

Device Type Traffic Share 
Desktop 73.29%
Mobile 26.71%

The United States is the leading country with the highest number of perplexity AI visitors, where 82.54% of the traffic is generated through Desktop and 17.46% through Mobile. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the perplexity of AI traffic by countries and devices:

Country All devices Desktop Mobile 
United States 11.1 million 82.54%17.46%
Indonesia 6.75 million 52.54%47.46%
India 4.79 million 61.64%38.36%
Kenya2.72 million 96.4%3.6%
Philippines 2.45 million 52.78%47.22%

Top Marketing Channels of Perplexity AI 

Around 68.36% of Perplexity AI’s traffic is Direct, 27.07% is generated through Organic search, and 2.66% is generated through Social media. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing the top marketing channels through which traffic is generated by Perplexity AI: 

Top Marketing Channels Share of Traffic 
Direct 68.36%
Organic Search 27.07%
Social 2.66%
Email 0.68%
Display ads 0.01%
Paid Search 0.00%

Source: SimilarWeb

Top Organic Search Terms 

Organic search is the second leading marketing channel that helps generate 27.07% of the total traffic on Perplexity AI. The search term “perplexity” is the most impactful term that helps generate around 40.62% of traffic on Perplexity AI’s website. Followed by “perplexity ai” as the second-most popular search term that generates 28.67% of the traffic on the website. 

Below we have mentioned the top 5 organic search terms that help generate traffic on Perplexity AI:

Top organic search terms Traffic generated on site 
perplexity 40.62%
perplexity ai 28.67%
preplexity 1.00%

Top Social Networks of Perplexity AI 

YouTube is the leading social network that has generated the maximum amount of Perplexity AI traffic by 46.26%. It is followed by X (Twitter) as the second leading social network with a traffic share of 13.31%. WhatsApp Webapp is ranked third with a total traffic share of 9.13%. 

Below we have mentioned a table showcasing leading social networks of perplexity AI: 

Social Networks Share of Traffic 
YouTube 46.26%
X (Twitter)13.31%
WhatsApp Webapp9.13%
Reddit 7.52%
Facebook 7.24%
Other 16.54%

Must Know Stats and Facts About Perplexity AI 

In this section, we are going to take a look at some of the must-know facts and statistics about Perplexity AI: 

As of January 2024, Perplexity AI is valued at $520 million 

Perplexity AI is witnessing excellent growth for its diverse and useful services and it received a total of 67.42 million visits in May 2024. Although this San Francisco-based startup is two years old it has generated a valuation of $520 million as of January 2024 showcasing its remarkable impact and demand among the audience. According to a report by Reuters it raised $73.6 million from its recent funding round. 

Perplexity AI’s primary user base is located in the United States 

16.47% of Perplexity AI’s total user base is located in the United States. Indonesia is the second leading country with the highest number of users, 10.27%, followed by India in third place, 7.11%. 

The main applications of Perplexity AI include SEO content creation, book summarization, and more

The capability of Perplexity AI isn’t limited to search engines; instead, it’s a versatile tool that can perform a variety of tasks. Perplexity AI can answer users’ queries and fulfill their diverse content needs, including SEO content creation, summarization, factual writing, and much more. 

Perplexity AI’s offers both free and paid plans 

Popular search engine startup, Perplexity AI, can be accessed by users for free with limited features along with the availability of paid versions starting at $20/month, offering advanced features. This flexible pricing plan makes Perplexity AI a useful search engine for both individuals and businesses of all sizes.


What is the growth rate of Perplexity?

The growth rate of Perplexity AI is 39% a month, which showcases that people are consuming and engaging with perplexity at an excellent rate. 

Is Perplexity AI accurate?

Perplexity AI has gained a high score in terms of consumer trust, and therefore, over 80% of the users claim that Perplexity AI delivers accurate information to their inputs. 

Who is the CEO of Perplexity AI?

Aravind Srinivas is the CEO of Perplexity AI, an AI search engine startup, and one of its founders. 

Who started Perplexity AI? 

Perplexity AI was founded by Aravind Srinivas, Andy Konwinski, Denis Yarats, and Johnny Ho in 2022. 

Who invested in Perplexity AI?

Perplexity AI has raised funding of $165 million as of 2024. Some of the investors of perplexity AI include Jeff Bezos, Susan Wojcicki, Databricks, Nvidia, Jeff Dean, and more.

Does perplexity use GPT-4?

Perplexity AI utilizes various large language models to generate accurate and high-quality responses. The list includes GPT-4, Mistral Large, and Claude 3, along with Perplexity’s own custom models.

Is Perplexity AI free?

Yes, Perplexity AI offers a free plan with limited features. However, to access advanced features, users need to subscribe to its Pro plan, which is available for $20/month. 

Wrapping Up

Perplexity AI stands as an excellent innovation in the search engine industry. As of 2024, this search engine startup has gained a valuation of over $500 million within just 2 years of its release showcasing an impressive growth rate and demand among the users. Its ability to generate accurate and factual answers to users’ input without any biases has made it one of the most trusted search engines among the audience. This valuable tool is capable of fulfilling all the requirements of a student, researcher, business, individual, etc with its unbiased and well-sourced data. Looking at the current statistics of Perplexity AI, this search engine is expected to keep rising at an excellent growth rate.