Reasons for Poor Data Quality


Having inaccurate or incomplete data is bad for business. Yet substandard data quality is a staple of many organizations, largely because of a disconnect between CIOs and line of business managers, according to a 451 Research survey of 200 senior IT and business leaders from large enterprises. The research bolsters the case for a chief data officer (CDO), a C-suite executive who can both serve as a liaison between CIOs and business managers and boost data quality.

Only 40 percent of C-level executives are “very confident” in the quality of their organization’s data, says Carl Lehmann, the 451 Research analyst who wrote the report, commissioned by Blazent, a company that provides what it describes as data intelligence platforms. That 40 percent figure is a concerning sign at a time when 94 percent of senior IT leaders say that poor data quality impinges business outcomes, resulting, for example, in lost revenue or bad strategic decision-making…

Lehmann says that only 50 percent of organizations surveyed say that their data quality management, as well as the quality of data overall, was only slightly better than satisfactory or “good enough in general” – far from a ringing endorsement. And 8.5 percent say they don’t have a data quality management strategy at all. Instead, they “hope for the best,” he says.