Revisiting Big Data and Crowdsourcing: Kaggle Today

I launched this blog a year ago in June 2011. In one of my first posts, I discussed “Crowdsourcing and Big Data,” offering a typology of crowdsourcing and connecting it to big data by mentioning a little-known (at the time) Australia-based venture called Kaggle.

Today, Kaggle is a well-funded, Silicon Valley-based leading platform for predictive modeling competitions, “making data science a sport.” Here’s a recent video update from Kaggle founder Anthony Goldbloom and his wife and Kaggle advisor Merav Bloch. In the video, Goldbloom says, “we want to get to a point where data scientists rely on Kaggle for their full-time income.” Today, Kaggle announced that a little while back it hit 100,000 submissions–they are currently at 128,965.