Robots to Humanity: Don’t Worry, be Happy!



A service robot called REEM [pictured above] can tackle the question: “Should I worry about AI?” … “The short answer is you do not need to worry about artificial intelligence for many years,” the robot says. “Artificial intelligence requires a body to interact with the world. And we are very far from creating an artificial body with a brain that is smarter than a very basic animal.”

In other words, there is not yet a sufficiently powerful combination of robot brains and brawn, according to this view. REEM is offering this take at London’s Science Museum as part of the British attraction’s “Robots” exhibition, which covers 500 years of history and runs until Sept. 3.

Roboticists have always known that human intelligence has a lot to do with our bodies and to achieve AI’s ambitious goal of “human general intelligence” it is not enough to “only” re-create the human brain in software.

Here’s the curator of London’s Science Museum exhibition:


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