Tech Layoffs 2024: List of Companies to Cut Jobs

There have been a considerable amount of reductions in the workforce in the last couple of years and the number of tech layoffs is still going pretty strong. 2024 has already seen around 60,000 job cuts across 254 companies. A sizable amount of layoff has taken place in some of the most well-established companies such as Apple, Google, Amazon, Tesla, and more. 

In this guide, we will provide detailed insight into the tech layoffs taking place in 2024. We will also highlight the companies and the number of employees being let go.

A timeline of 2024 tech layoffs

Here is an overview of the number of tech layoffs that have taken place from January to April. 

Year Amount of layoffs 
January 202419,350
February 202415,589
March 20247,403
April 202422,153

January 2024 Tech Layoffs

In this section, we are going to take an in-depth look at the companies and the amount of tech layoffs that have taken place in the month of January 2024: 


A leaked memo from the Multinational corporation and technology company “Google” stated they were planning to lay off “hundreds” of employees under its advertising sales department. The cuts in the advertising sales team came after the corporation performed a sweeping layoff in its hardware team. In fact, according to a memo acquired by the Verge, the company is expected to see more layoffs throughout the year.   


Based on a Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification that was filed on 30 January with the New York Department of Labor. It was revealed that the brand was planning on eliminating a total of 95 employees on 1st May. 


After achieving an acquisition of $68.7 billion from Activision Blizzard, a gaming company. Microsoft is planning to eliminate almost 1,900 employees from its gaming department. 


Across the United States, about 60 jobs were eliminated in Los Angeles, Austin, and New York, and various layoffs were added in the international markets.  


Vroom is making a drastic change as the company is eliminating 90% of its workforce as it seeks to shut down the online used car marketplace. Instead, they are moving its resources towards two business units: The one which primarily focuses on auto-finance, while the other business unit focuses on AI-powered analytics. 


Security Giant “Proofpoint” is also laying off around 280 employees which is about 6% of its global workforce. 


A spokesperson for Popular video-sharing platform YouTube also issued a statement to TechCrunch regarding the removal of around 100 employees as a part of restructuring efforts under its operations and creator management department. 


Storytelling platform Wattpad laid off around 20 employees, or less than 10% of its staff, as part of its reorganization, according to a spokesperson on Wattpad. The company reorganized its teams and currently has about 200 employees. 

Aurora Solar

Aurora Solar was also involved in laying off its employees regardless of witnessing record growth in the solar industry in 2023. Reportedly, Aurora Solar laid off about 1,000 employees, or 20% of its staff. 


iRobot is eliminating around 350 employees which equals one-third of the headcount. This took place after Amazon’s bid to obtain the Roomba-maker dropped. 


Salesforce is planning to lay off around 700 employees, or 1% of its workforce. The company also significantly reduced its workforce by around 10% in the previous year. 


Flexport is also aiming to cut 20% of its workforce in the coming few weeks. An announcement regarding the layoff first came forward in October when the founder, Ryan Petersen, stepped in as the CEO and eliminated a workforce of 20%. 


Famous food-delivering startup Swiggy is reportedly also planning on eliminating around 400 jobs which is almost 7% of its workforce. The startup aims to introduce further improvement into its finances ahead of the IPO, which is expected to take place later this year. 


Fintech company Block, which includes various subsidiaries such as Cash App, AfterPay, and Square, was also involved in eliminating about 1,000 people. 


According to reports, PayPal has also started its company-wide layoffs. For now, information on how many employees were laid off is currently unavailable. However, few sources claim the numbers are expected to be in the “thousands.” 


Self-driving vehicle company laid off dozens of workers in the company according to a source. Since then, the company confirmed that about 3% of its workforce has been eliminated. 


eBay is laying off around 1,000 full-time employees working at the company accounting for almost 9% of the workforce at eBay. The company stated in their blog post, how they aim to eliminate contract roles in the upcoming months. 


A 20% layoff took place in Brex, affecting almost 282 workers. Co-CEO Pedro Franceschi stated in a blog post that the company is planning to move its focus toward long-term thinking and ownership over short-term gains.

Riot Games

11% of the workforce is being laid off in Riot games. This layoff is affecting almost 530 employees as the company aims to focus on “fewer and more impactful projects.”


Wayfair announced cutting off 1,650 employees, reflecting almost 13% of its global workforce including 19% of its corporate department. This move came as the digital home goods retailer continued its restructuring effort, cut out layers of management and reduced costs after going “overboard” with corporate hiring during the pandemic. 

Lost Boys Interactive

Founded in 2017, this gearbox-owned developer employed more than 400 people. However, on January 12, 2024, it was reported that Lost Boys Interactive had reportedly laid off a “Sizable portion” of employees from the company. While the number of employees laid off is still unclear, many ex-employees of the company took to Linkedin to showcase their disappointment regarding the sudden layoff.  


Pixar is also planning to lay off employees in 2024, with the number reaching as high as 20% of the animation studio’s 1,300 staff. The decision to lay off came to light after Disney looked to decrease the studio’s output after struggling to achieve profitability in streaming. 


A leaked memo acquired by Business Insider revealed that Amazon-owned audio company Audible is eliminating 5% of its staff. As per the memo, an “increasingly challenging landscape,” was termed as the primary reason behind the layoff. 


Discord is eliminating about 170 employees which is approximately 17% of the staff. The Verge acquired an internal memo, where the CEO of Discord Jason Citron can be seen blaming the cuts on the organization growing too fast. 


According to the memo obtained, Amazon is eliminating “several hundreds” of its employees at the MGM studios and Prime Video. The cuts in Amazon took place after 500 layoffs at Twitch. 


Twitch is laying off about 35% of its current staff of approximately 500 employees. The layoff was publicly confirmed by Twitch itself through a blog post. Difficulty in achieving profitability in the face of rising costs and community backlash is stated to be the primary reasons behind the cut-off. 


On January 8th, Flexe laid off 38% of its employees, this was a follow-up layoff after the online retail logistics company conducted a layoff the previous year. 


NuScale announced on 8th January, regarding the elimination of 28% of its staff of approximately 154 employees. The cut-off took place after the company decided to move its focus towards “key strategic areas.”


Frictionless retail startup Trigo which employs a total of 200 workers is laying off about 15% of its workforce across all departments. 

Rent the Runway

Around 10% of the corporate staff will be laid off through the restructuring plan followed by the planned resignation of Anushka Salinas as the president at the end of January. 


Unity, a video game engine creator, eliminated around 1,800 people from the organization and reduced its workforce by 25%. Apparently, three rounds of layoff had already taken place in 2023. 


The German startup, Pitch which created the collaborative presentation software apparently laid off almost two-thirds of its staff. The startup plans on pursuing an “entirely different path.”


On January 8, this AI and biomedical startup eliminated around 17% of its workforce. The post announcing the layoff on its LinkedIn post stated “shifts in the economic environment” as the reason behind the layoff. 


InVision has stated in a blog post that the company is discontinuing the design collaboration services which include DSM, prototypes, and more at the end of 2024, after its 12-year-long run. 


20% of the workforce is going to be laid off in VideoAmp. Since the company plans to maintain its conflict with Nielsen regarding media measurement. 

Orca Security

A total of 60 workers are being laid off on Orca Security making it roughly 15% of the workforce. The company plans to shift a few of its impacted staff toward other positions in the organization. 


On 2nd January, Frontdesk performed a massive layoff containing an entire 200-person workforce after failing to raise more capital. The massive layoff came almost 7 months after the startup acquired rival Zencity. 

February 2024 Tech Layoffs

The amount of jobs cuts and the organizations that laid off employees in February 2024 are as follows: 


Apple is expected to lay off “hundreds” of its employees who are employed under the autonomous electric car project. 


900 employees are expected to be laid off under Sony’s PlayStation unit. This would be impacting almost 8% of the workforce under this division. 


Electric vehicle startup Fisker is planning on eliminating around 15% of its workforce. The primary reason behind the layoff is due to the startup not having sufficient cash on hand to survive the coming 12 months. 


EA (Electronic Arts), a video game company is expected to issue a 5% layoff in its workforce in EA which would be affecting almost 670 employees. A part of this plan includes decreasing office space and shutting down work in certain video games. 


Is laying off 10% of its salaried workforce in a bid to cut costs in an increasingly tough market for EVs.

Meati Foods

Meati Food is expected to remove 13% of its workforce. The CEO Phil Graves stated the primary reason behind the layoff is to “create a financially sustainable business.” 


A layoff of 5% of its workforce is announced by Cisco which would be eliminating over 4,000 people. 


Restaurant-Software company Toast is planning on eliminating around 550 employees in a form that is specially designed to advance “operating expense efficiency.”


Instacart has revealed in an SEC filing where it stated that it will eliminate around 250 employees as a move toward the restructuring effort. 


A 10% layoff is expected to take place in Snap’s workforce, which will have a major impact as Snap will eliminate over 500 employees, to “decrease hierarchy.”


Online dating platform Bumble is also eliminating almost 30% of its workforce which would be affecting around 350 employees. 


In 2024, Expedia will be eliminating 1,500 roles majorly under its product & technology department and it will be impacting over 8% of the workforce. 


A third major layoff took place in Finder in the last 12 months. In the third layoff, the company removed around 60 employees impacting 17% of the workforce. 

Polygon Labs

This company has eliminated around 60 employees or a total workforce of 19%. The official announcement regarding the layoff was made by CEO Marc Boiron through a blog post. 


Okta is another company that made a massive layoff by eliminating almost 400 staff. The layoff came to light almost one year to the day after Okta declared plans to eliminate around 300 employees. 


Mozilla, the company behind Firefox, is apparently scaling back its investment and is making certain changes in its product strategy. Reports claim the company is planning on layoffs which is expected to affect around 60 employees. 


This cloud-based writing assistant is laying off around 230 employees globally. This decision took place as a part of Grammarly’s efforts to promote and move its attention toward the “AI-enabled workplace of the future”. 


The North American workforce is witnessing a layoff of around 30%. The primary reason behind the cut-out of employees is stated to be a part of restructuring. 


Amazon is also playing on cutting jobs under its healthcare center which is Amazon Pharmacy and One Medical. As of now, it’s unclear the exact amount of layoff which will take place. 


DocuSign has made plans to lay off 6% of its employees, which will have a major impact in the sales and marketing department of the company. 

March 2024 Tech Layoffs

Here is the data of the organization and the amount of job cuts that took place in March 2024: 


After obtaining a point-of-sale platform Cuboh, the company decided to lay off around 20% of its workforce. Previously in 2022, the company eliminated around 100 employees. 

Phantom Auto

This remote-driving startup is being shut down after being unable to secure funding for the organization. The company had to lay off staff the previous year. 


Popular corporation IBM is also reportedly laying off a large section of its staff from its marketing and communication department. Previously the company had revealed a strategy to replace around 8.000 of the jobs with Artificial intelligence. 

Nintendo of America

Nintendo of America is restructuring its testing department and letting go of some of its contractors while switching others to full-time positions. 


Based on a 10-K SEC filing, it is revealed that Dell cut around 6,000 jobs from its global workforce. The filing also revealed that previously the organization had laid off around 13,000 jobs last year. 

Chipper Cash

Another round of layoffs was conducted in Chipper Cash which resulted in the elimination of 20 employees, as reported by the CEO Ham Serunjogi through a blog post. 


To support its Textio Lift product Textio planned an elimination of 16% of its employees in a strategic method. 


25% of the workforce is being laid off reportedly in Stash, which is expected to impact around 80 people according to Axios.

AI fraud detection software is laying off its staff. Reportedly it has eliminated under 40% of its employees which has impacted dozens of its staff. 


Earlier this year, Turnitin eliminated about 15 employees, followed by the comments from its CEO Chris Caren, which stated the company would be able to bring down around 20% of its headcount thanks to the advanced AI technology. 


A 13% layoff took place in the New York office on Sorare as the NFT Fantasy sports startup aims to move certain teams to its Paris headquarters to enhance communication and efficiency there. 


It cut off around 15% of its workforce or around 17 people have been laid off according to a report by Fintech Business Weekly. 


CEO of the company Henry Chan revealed in a blog post that around 195 job roles were cut by ShopBack to make the company more sustainable. Nearly a quarter of its workforce was impacted through this layoff. 


Prosus-backed virtual events platform Airmeet laid off around 20% of its entire workforce during its second restructuring effort in the previous year. 


As part of its organization restructuring around 7% of the employees have been laid off. Previously the fintech unicorn performed a layoff in August 2022.  


ONE is initiating a layoff which would eliminate around 13% of its workforce impacting almost 40 employees. This is the second round of layoffs that took place for the battery startup. 

Project Ronin

Cancer Software Startup Project Ronin is shutting down which has resulted in a permanent mass layoff for the staff. The layoff has impacted a total of 150 employees. 

April 2024 Tech Layoffs

Now, let’s take a look at the firms and the workforce reduction that took place in April 2024: 


CEO Elon Musk made an announcement through an email to its executive regarding the elimination of staff from its charging team in the new set of layoffs. 


As a part of the continued cost-cutting measure, Alphabet-owned Google has been eliminating its workers. The exact number of employees that have been laid off has not been specified yet. 


Amazon Web Services is laying off hundreds of jobs across various departments such as Marketing, Sales, Global Services, and its physical stores technology team. 


Before the end of June, sportswear giant Nike is planning on removing 740 employees from its Oregon headquarters. 


Fisker is also laying off staff although the number of cuts taking place is currently unclear. But the reason behind the cut-off is addressed to “preserve cash.”


Turkey’s “instant delivery” juggernaut is shutting down its operations in the United States, the United Kingdom, and Europe to focus on Turkey. Apparently, the shutdown has impacted around 6,000 jobs in the closing market.  


180 jobs have been cut down in Indian ride-hailing giant Ola in a profitability push. Apparently, Ola also had to let go of its chief executive, Hemant Bakshi. 

True Anomaly

A 25% layoff has taken place in Space and defense startup, True Anomaly which has affected almost 30 employees. In addition, the company also canceled its summer internship program. 


According to reports, Expedia is expected to make a second round of layoffs in its Austin office this year. 

Stability AI

Following the step down of the former CEO Emad Mostaque, Popular AI Startup Stability AI lays off around 10% of its workforce. 


Electric vehicle maker Rivian has stated it cut around 1% of its workforce during the second round of its layoffs this year. 


5% of the workforce is being laid off which has affected around 579 employees. The company has also revealed various projects in the development might also be eliminated. 


AI startup Tome has eliminated around 20% of its workforce impacting around 59 employees including members of product developers and consumer go-to-market team. 


Over 14,000 employees or 10% of its global workforce are being laid off based on an internal email issued by the CEO of Tesla Elon Musk. 


4% of the global workforce is expected to be part of the layoff which would affect almost 140 employees. 


Reportedly, TikTok has cut off over 250 employees working for the popular social media platform in Ireland. 

Hinge Health

Virtual physical therapist Hinge Health cuts off around 10% of its workforce, as the organization aims to reach profitability and prepare for the IPO. 


The background-screening platform has laid off around 382 employees which has amounted to a total workforce of 32%. In April 2022, the company was valued at $5 billion. 


In the restructuring effort, Bolt.Earth has eliminated a sizable number of its employees. The exact number of employees is currently unknown however, various sources claim it ranges between 70 to 100 employees. 


After the shutting down of its electric car project, the company is planning to lay off 614 employees in California. 

Agility Robotics

A “small section” of employees have been laid off from Agility Robotics which was confirmed by the company itself. The Oregon-based firm stated the layoff was a part of the company-wide focus on commercialization efforts.

Ghost Autonomy

Backed by OpenAI, Ghost Autonomy shuts down its operation which has impacted around 100 employees. 


Appliance giant Whirlpool has decided to let go of Yummly and shut down the recipe and cooking app that it obtained in 2017. According to sources, the company has laid off all the employees recently.  


As a move towards restructuring effort, Byju’s is laying off around 500 employees which would be accounting for about 3% of its entire workforce. 

May 2024 Tech Layoffs

Lastly, here are the companies and the numbers of tech layoffs that have taken place in May 2024 so far: 


As a part of cuts at Bethesda Microsoft had shut down Arkane Austin, Tango Gameworks, and various other gaming studios. For now, the total number of employees that were impacted is still unclear. 


3% of the layoff has taken place in Sprinklr which has affected a total of 116 employees which confirmed the organization themselves through a statement. This layoff took place almost a year after 4% of the headcount had been eliminated. 


170 workers were laid off in Enovix which would be affecting a third of its headcount in an effort to cut back or manage the annual operating costs. 

Cue Health

About 49% of the workforce is being eliminated which would impact 230 employees in a cost-cutting measure that was laid out in the documents filed with the U.S. SEC.


20% of the layoff is taking place in Lidar company Luminar. The layoff is expected to impact about 140 employees and according to reports, it is also ending ties with “a large section” of its contract workers. 


As a part of its cost-cutting effort, the company performed 15% of the layoff that took place which impacted around 400 people. Even the CEO Barry McCarthy stepped down. 


Which company layoffs in 2024?

Companies like Microsoft, Google, Tesla, TikTok, Apple, and more have made a “sizable” amount of layoffs in 2024. 

Is Nike laying off employees in 2024?

Yes, Nike is laying off a total 740 employees which is 2% of its total workforce from its Oregon headquarters before the end of June. 

Is Tesla doing layoffs?

Yes, Tesla is doing layoffs and the company is planning on laying off 601 employees in California. 

How many tech companies are laying off?

Around 254 of the tech companies have already laid off over 64,000 employees in 2024 and in coming months we can expect a higher number of layoff taking place. 

Which tech company has highest number of employees?

Amazon is the leading tech company with the highest number of employees total 1,541,000 including both full-time and part-time workers.  

Wrapping Up 

Overall, the tech layoffs in 2024 are rising at a rapid speed with over 64,000 job cuts across 254 companies. Well-established companies like Apple, Google, Microsoft, Nike, Tesla, and more are laying off a sizable amount of employees this year and many companies are planning on laying off a large section of their workforce in the coming months. Therefore, we can expect a sizable amount of layoffs taking place this year.