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Audioread AI

Transforming text into immersive audio experiences.


About the Audioread AI Tool

Audioread is an AI tool designed to convert written content into audio format, allowing users to “read” while multitasking. 

Audioread uses advanced AI-driven text-to-speech technology to produce ultra-realistic voices, making the audio output almost indistinguishable from real audiobook narrators. 

Whether it’s articles, PDFs, emails, or other text-based content, this tool turns it into natural-sounding audio podcasts.This AI tool is perfect for those who wish to consume content on the go, be it during commutes, workouts, or household chores.

Official Website
Company NameAudioread
Launch Date2023
CategoryText-to-Audio Conversion

Audioread Features

Audioread is a text-to-audio conversion tool packed with a plethora of features tailored for modern listeners. Some of the standout features include:

  • Ultra-realistic AI voices: Transforms text into lifelike audio.
  • Versatile Conversion Options: Convert articles, PDFs, emails, and more.
  • Multiple Platforms: Available as a web app, browser extension, iOS Shortcut, and Android app.
  • Private Podcast RSS Feed: Create a personalized podcast feed for your converted content.
  • Browser Listening: Convert and listen directly in the browser without any installations.

Audioread Use Case – Real-World Applications

Audioread is the go-to tool for multitaskers and avid learners. It can be utilized for:

  • Learning on the Go: Convert educational articles for commutes.
  • Productivity Boost: Listen to work-related emails while doing other tasks.
  • Leisure Listening: Turn favorite online articles into podcast episodes.
  • Accessibility: Assist visually impaired users in accessing written content.

Audioread Pricing

Audioread offers a competitive pricing model designed to cater to a wide range of users. The monthly subscription is priced at $9.99. 

Subscribers benefit from a generous conversion limit of 100,000 words per conversion and a daily limit of 500,000 words. 

Additionally, the tool supports a staggering 77 languages, ensuring a global reach and catering to a diverse user base. 

Whether you’re a professional, student, or just someone looking to make the most of their time, Audioread’s pricing ensures you get value for your money.


How does Audioread voice sound?

The AI voices are trained to be almost indistinguishable from real audiobook narrators, ensuring a natural and professional narration style.

Can I use Audioread on my mobile device?

Yes,  Audioread offers a versatile range of platforms, including a web app, browser extensions, iOS Shortcuts, and an Android app.

How does Audioread private podcast RSS feed work?

Audioread generates a unique podcast RSS feed for each user. This allows users to subscribe to their personalized podcast feed, making it easy.

Is there an Audioread limit to the amount of text I can convert?

With the monthly subscription priced at $9.99, users can convert up to 100,000 words per conversion.

Can I listen to the Audioread audio without a podcast app?

Yes, you can! For those who don’t use a podcast app, Audioread offers the option to convert text to audio and listen directly in the browser. 

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