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Streamline pitch deck creation with Beemer's AI, generating compelling presentations for startups in minutes.


About the Beemer  Tool

Beemer is an AI-powered pitch Deck Generator designed to simplify the pitch deck creation process for startups. 

This AI-driven platform effortlessly crafts comprehensive Google Slides and PowerPoint presentations from a simple business description, simplifying the process of producing pitch decks. 

Startups often face the challenge of creating impactful pitch decks to impress potential investors. Beemer addresses this challenge by offering a platform that requires just a brief description of the business to produce a complete presentation. 

This not only saves time but also ensures that the pitch deck is structured perfectly, with a design meant to captivate.

Beemer Features

Beemer is a pitch deck generation tool that offers a variety of features to assist startups:

  • AI-Powered Platform: Beemer’s advanced AI capabilities can produce presentations from just a succinct description of your business. It intelligently deciphers the essence of your enterprise and crafts slides that capture its core.
  • Versatile Export Options: Beemer ensures flexibility by allowing users to effortlessly export their presentations to widely used platforms like Google Slides or PowerPoint, catering to a range of audience preferences.
  • Modern Design: The platform prioritizes aesthetics by offering slide designs that resonate with current trends, ensuring that your presentations always look fresh and engaging.
  • Collaboration: Collaboration is made simple with Beemer. You can easily team up with colleagues and employ familiar collaboration tools, streamlining the process of co-creation.
  • Pitch Booster: This upgrade package is a game-changer for those seeking an edge. It elevates your pitch by infusing it with richer content, ensuring your presentation stands out.
  • Customizable Layouts: Offering a choice of 35 visually captivating slide designs, Beemer allows users to select layouts that best complement their content and branding, providing a bespoke touch to every presentation.

Beemer Use Case – Real-World Applications

Beemer emerges as the preferred choice for young businesses and innovative minds paving their way in the entrepreneurial world. Here’s how it can be maximally harnessed:

  • Investor Meetings: Gone are the days of tedious pitch deck preparations. With Beemer, you can swiftly craft compelling presentations that lay out your business concepts succinctly and persuasively, ensuring you capture the attention and trust of potential investors.
  • Business Competitions: In the fiercely competitive arena of startup contests, differentiation is crucial. Beemer helps you achieve this edge by empowering you with professionally curated presentations that leave an indelible mark, propelling you to the forefront of the competition.
  • Team Collaborations: The tool promotes synergy among team members. Whether you’re co-creating, reviewing, or iterating, Beemer simplifies the collaboration process, ensuring that every pitch deck is a collective masterpiece representing the best of your team’s ideas.
  • Business Overviews: Whether you’re providing a glimpse into your company’s journey, and achievements, or announcing pivotal business updates, Beemer facilitates the rapid generation of presentations. These not only convey the necessary details but also engage the audience, ensuring the essence of your message is effectively communicated and retained.

Beemer Pricing

Beemer provides an accessible entry point for those initiating their journey into pitch deck creation, with a complimentary version available to all users.

For entities aiming for a more refined and impactful presentation, Beemer introduces “The Pitch Booster” package, priced commencing at $10. This comprehensive package encompasses a meticulously crafted executive summary, a tailored investor’s email pitch letter, and supplementary slides that facilitate further personalization of the pitch deck. 

By opting for “The Pitch Booster,” startups and enterprises can ensure they are not just noticed, but memorably etched in the minds of potential investors, heightening their prospects of fruitful collaboration. 


What is Beemer’s primary function?

Beemer is designed to help startups create pitch decks using AI, streamlining the process and ensuring a professional outcome.

How does the AI in Beemer work?

By entering a concise business description, Beemer’s AI crafts a comprehensive presentation for either Google Slides or PowerPoint.

Is there a free version of Beemer available?

Yes, Beemer offers a free version for users to create pitch decks. Additional features are available in the “Pitch Booster” package.

How does “The Pitch Booster” enhance my pitch deck?

It includes an executive summary, a pitch letter tailored for investors, and additional slides to enrich and customize your pitch deck further.

Can I collaborate with my team using Beemer?

Yes. Beemer allows for collaboration using familiar tools, and presentations can be exported to Google Slides or PowerPoint for seamless team collaboration.

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