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Booth AI

Generate lifestyle images with AI speed.


About the Booth AI Tool

Booth AI creates product and lifestyle photos using artificial intelligence without any samples. It is a B2B software offering image creation and editing features. The tool can create high-quality images resembling your brand and its purpose based on the text prompt provided. It has an intuitive interface that helps users generate and edit images faster.

Booth AI is an ideal tool for personal and commercial purposes. It can save tons of money and time for users by creating stunning images from a product reference. The images are copyright-free and can be uploaded to business websites.

Booth AI Features

Booth AI is an image editing and generation tool with various functionalities. Some of the top features offered by this tool include the following:

  • It creates images in just three simple steps.
  • It generates 4k resolution images that can be uploaded to any website.
  • It generates professional quality photos without any physical samples.
  • It offers a beginner-friendly AI interface for users to edit or create images faster.
  • It creates images using a single text prompt.
  • Users can edit the images with the inbuilt image editor.

Booth AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

Booth AI is an ideal tool for anyone looking to create branded images. Some of its popular applications are as follows:

  • Retailers and manufacturers can use the tool to create images of their products without physical samples.
  • Companies can use the tool to create images of their products and services to market them.
  • Designers can use the tool to create stunning images for websites.

Booth AI Pricing

Booth AI is a paid tool. You can use it for $24 per month to create attractive images. It also offers a free trial plan for seven days. You can use the trial plan to explore the tool and later upgrade to the paid version. If you are not happy with your purchase, the company gives a 30-day money back guarantee.


Can I get a demo of Booth AI?

You can schedule a demo for Booth AI using this link. The company gives a free demo for users to learn how to use the product and its features before purchasing it. You can book your demo and decide whether the tool is ideal for you or not.

Can I use Booth AI to edit images?

Booth AI offers various editing tools for users to edit images within the app. You can use these tools to edit images. If you want more tools, you can edit the image in other apps or talk to the support team for help.

Can I use Booth AI images for commercial purposes?

Yes, you can use Booth AI images for business purposes. The images can be uploaded to websites, added to marketing videos, or published online. You won’t have copyright issues while using the content generated by Booth AI.

Is Booth AI safe?

Booth AI is a safe tool. It keeps your data safe and secure. It doesn’t share your information with third-party websites or apps. All your information and images are confidential.

Does Booth AI have an affiliate program?

Yes, Booth AI offers an affiliate program. You can join the program to get a 30% recurring commission on every purchase. To learn more about the affiliate program, visit its official website.

Booth AI is a powerful image editing application for businesses. It can save them time and money by creating professional, high-quality images without physical samples.

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