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Chatty Cat

Your Virtual Kitten on WhatsApp


About the Chatty Cat Tool

Chatty Cat is an innovative AI-driven chatbot designed to make your WhatsApp conversations more interactive and engaging. 

They can pose questions, transmit voice messages, and seek images within the chat. Harnessing AI capabilities, the tool offers dialogic feedback to its users. 

To commence the experience, users just click a button and follow the instructions sent to their email.

Chatty Cat Pet was developed by TR.AI, this tool allows you to ask questions, send voice messages, and even request images, all within the comfort of your favorite messaging app. 

Whether you’re looking for quick answers or just want to have some fun chatting with a virtual kitten, Chatty Cat has got you covered.

Chatty Cat Features

Chatty Cat is an AI chatbot that offers plenty of features to make your WhatsApp conversations more interactive and fun. Some of the features include:

  • Voice Messaging: Send voice messages for a more personal interaction.
  • AI-Driven Responses: Get accurate and helpful answers to your questions.
  • Image Requests: Ask for images and receive relevant pictures based on your query.
  • WhatsApp Integration: Seamlessly chat within the WhatsApp platform.
  • User-Friendly Setup: Easy to set up via a button click or email.
  • Customer Service: Enhance support with AI-powered chatbot assistance.
  • Entertainment: Engage in entertaining conversations with a virtual kitten.
  • Education: Practice language skills or explore topics through interactive chat.

Chatty Cat Use Case – Real-World Applications

Chatty Cat is not just a fun tool; it’s a versatile platform ideal for various real-world applications:

  • Customer Support: Use Chatty Cat to handle customer queries and provide instant support.
  • Entertainment: Have fun conversations with your virtual kitten.
  • Education: Use it as a tool for practicing language skills or exploring new topics.
  • Image Search: Request specific images based on your needs or queries.

Chatty Cat Pricing

Chatty Cat offers a free trial to get you started, and its paid plans begin at $10 per month. The pricing is straightforward and offers value for the features provided.


What is Chatty Cat?

Chatty Cat is a tool powered by ChatGPT, seamlessly integrated with WhatsApp, crafted to provide dynamic and interactive chat sessions.

How do I set up Chatty Cat?

Sign up on Chatty Cat’s website, integrate with WhatsApp, configure settings, and start chatting. Refer to the official website for detailed steps.

Is Chatty Cat free to use?

Chatty Cat offers a free trial with a daily chat limit. However, with a $10 in-app purchase, you can access unlimited chatting.

Can I request images from Chatty Cat?

Yes, you can request images from Chatty Cat and receive relevant pictures based on your query. 

Is Chatty Cat only for entertainment?

While it offers entertaining features, it can also be used for customer support and educational purposes.

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