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Excel AI Formula Bot

Revolutionize Your Excel Experience with AI.


About the Excel AI Formula Bot Tool

Excel Formula Bot, is an AI Excel bot tool that has transformed the way users interact with spreadsheets. 

This formula generator serves as a plugin compatible with Excel and Google Sheets, enabling users to input text instructions and seamlessly transform them into formulas.

Excel Formula Bot represents a pioneering AI tool that embeds artificial intelligence into your spreadsheets. It streamlines the task of crafting and deciphering intricate Excel formulas by converting textual directions into precise formulas.

Whether you’re an experienced data analyst or a beginner trying to navigate the complex world of Excel formulas, Excel Formula Bot promises to make your tasks simpler and faster.

This Formula Bot has garnered attention for its unique approach to data analytics. Its AI capabilities allow users to chat with their data, unlock valuable insights, generate charts, and offer recommendations.

Excel Formula Bot Features

Excel Formula Bot is an AI-powered spreadsheet utility brimming with features to elevate the user experience. A few of its notable capabilities are:

  • AI-generated formulas: Get explanations for data analytics without the manual hassle.
  • Data Analyzer: Upload your data, ask questions, and receive data, charts, and recommendations.
  • AI in Spreadsheets: Automate tasks with predefined functions or interact with them like you would with ChatGPT.
  • Compatibility: Supports both Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Ease of Use: A user-friendly interface for generating and understanding formulas.
  • Cost Calculator: Determine the cost of time spent on formula generation.
  • Free Access: Powerful features available at no cost.

Excel Formula Bot Use Case – Real-World Applications

Excel Formula Bot is not just a tool; it’s a solution for various professionals and scenarios. Some of its real-world applications include:

  • Data Analysts: Improve efficiency in Excel and Google Sheets.
  • Business Professionals: Save time on formula generation and data analysis.
  • Students and Educators: Enhance understanding and teaching of Excel formulas.
  • Research: Quickly analyze large datasets and derive insights.
  • Financial Forecasting: Streamline intricate financial calculations and assessments.
  • Sales and Marketing: Generate reports and insights from sales data.
  • Project Management: Track and analyze project data seamlessly.

Excel Formula Bot Pricing

In terms of pricing, Excel Formula Bot provides adaptable options to accommodate various user requirements. Here’s a breakdown:

  • Basic Plan: The Excel Formula Bot offers a free plan that’s designed to last forever, making it perfect for users who require data assistance occasionally. With this plan, users can generate up to 5 formulas, utilize 10 data analyzer messages, and execute 20 AI data automation in both Excel and Google Sheets add-ons each month.
  • Premium Plan: This is priced at $6.99 per month or $84 annually, with a regular monthly rate of $10.99. This plan is tailored for frequent data and spreadsheet users aiming to enhance their efficiency and work intelligently. Subscribers get unlimited formula generations, unrestricted access to the Data Analyzer, and up to 10,000 AI data automation in spreadsheets for both Excel and Google Sheets add-ons each month.


What is Excel Formula Bot?

Excel Formula Bot is an AI-powered tool designed to generate Excel formulas from text instructions, making data analysis more efficient and user-friendly.

Who can benefit from using Excel Formula Bot?

Data analysts, business professionals, students, educators, and anyone looking to enhance their Excel experience can benefit from this tool.

Is there a free version of Excel Formula Bot?

Yes, there exists a Basic plan which provides access to a select range of features at no cost. 

How does the AI in Excel Formula Bot work?

The tool uses advanced AI algorithms to interpret user input and generate appropriate Excel formulas or provide data insights.

Is Excel Formula Bot compatible with Google Sheets?

Yes, the Excel Formula Bot is versatile and compatible with both Excel and Google Sheets. 

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