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Revolutionizing Web Interaction with AI-Powered Highlighting


About the Glasp Tool

Glasp is an AI-powered social web highlighter tool designed to revolutionize the way users interact with web content. 

Glasp is a free Chrome Extension that enables you to swiftly emphasize online content using varied color choices, all of which are directly collated on your Glasp dashboard. This AI tool allows users to highlight, organize, and share quotes, thoughts, and ideas from the web. 

This AI tool is designed for writers, enthusiastic readers, and deep thinkers. Seamlessly marks web content, works as a web highlighter, and summarizer, stores it for future reference, and distributes it to all. 

Glasp is particularly useful for newsletter writers, active bloggers, thought leaders, and serious note-takers. With Glasp, you can curate your own AI model, making the tool a personalized experience.

Glasp Features

Glasp is a multifaceted AI-driven writing instrument, equipped with a plethora of functionalities to elevate your online browsing and note-keeping journey. Some of the important features include:

  • Highlight & Add Notes: This enables you to highlight and annotate web content.
  • Curate AI Models: Train personalized AI models based on your highlights and preferences.
  • Seamless Export: Export your notes effortlessly in Markdown format.
  • Readwise Integration: Sync your highlights and notes with Readwise.
  • Community Sharing: Share your profile, highlights, and notes with a broader audience.
  • Connect with Like-Minded Individuals: Discover new content and insights through community interaction.
  • Wall of Love: A dedicated space to share highlights, notes, and resources with friends and the community.
  • Discord Community: Engage with other users and share experiences via Discord.

Glasp Use Case – Real-World Applications

Glasp is an indispensable tool for a broad spectrum of users, serving multiple purposes:

  • Researchers: To organize, store, and reference important information from articles and papers.
  • Students: To share educational resources and discover new study material from peers.
  • Content Creators: To enhance productivity and foster creativity with neatly arranged notes and concepts.
  • Product Managers: To maintain a centralized repository of important references and notes for team collaboration.
  • Newsletter Writers: To curate content and generate ideas for upcoming newsletters.
  • Bloggers: To keep track of interesting articles, quotes, and data for future blog posts.
  • Thought Leaders: To share valuable insights and trends with their followers.
  • Book Lovers: To highlight and save favorite quotes or passages from online articles or e-books.

Glasp Pricing

Glasp is presently available for free, primarily as a browser add-on. Additionally, there’s a dedicated Discord community for users to connect and exchange their insights and experiences.


Is Glasp Free?

Yes, Glasp is presently available at no cost. However, users can check the website and stay updated on the pricing plans that are available in the future.

How Does Glasp Work?

Glasp allows you to highlight, annotate, and organize web content, which can then be shared or exported.

Is There a Glasp Mobile Version?

No, but Glasp can be found on the Chrome Web Store and the App Store, designed as a desktop plugin. It’s compatible with browsers such as Chrome, Safari, etc.

Can I Sync My Glasp Highlights with Other Apps?

Yes, Glasp supports Readwise integration for syncing your highlights. The latest functionality of Glasp allows users to embed their highlights as cards in note-taking platforms like Notion, Obsidian, and more.

Is My Data Secure with Glasp?

Yes, Glasp places a high priority on user data security. But it’s always advisable to read their privacy policy for more details.

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