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LookBook AI

Express your creativity with the support of AI and create photorealistic AI-generated lookbooks.


About the LookBook AI Tool

LookBook AI is a revolutionary tool that allows users to generate photorealistic lookbooks using artificial intelligence. 

With the LookBook AI tool just a few clicks, users can get inspired with beautiful AI-generated styles customized to their preferences. 

This AI platform offers a vast array of attributes to choose from, ensuring that each lookbook is unique and perfectly aligned with the user’s vision. 

Whether you’re a fashion enthusiast, a stylist, or just someone looking to explore new styles, LookBook AI provides a seamless and innovative experience.

LookBook AI Features

LookBook AI, an AI Look Book Generator, offers a variety of intriguing features tailored to fashion enthusiasts and professionals alike. Some of the important features include:

  • Generation of photorealistic AI lookbooks.
  • A vast selection of attributes to customize the style.
  • Options to choose the mood, ranging from positive to haunting.
  • Diverse model gender choices, including non-binary and transgender.
  • A comprehensive range of skin, hair, and eye colors.
  • Selection of model ethnicity from a global list.
  • Age and body type customization.
  • A simple pricing model with no subscription required.

LookBook AI Use Case – Real-World Applications

LookBook AI is not just a tool; it’s a game-changer for the fashion industry. Its applications span across various domains:

  • Fashion designers can use it to visualize new collections.
  • Stylists can generate lookbooks for clients based on specific attributes.
  • E-commerce platforms can create diverse model portfolios for their products.
  • Ad agencies can generate unique looks for campaigns.
  • Individuals can explore and discover new styles for personal use.

LookBook AI Pricing

LookBook AI offers a straightforward pricing model. For a one-time payment of $5, users receive 30 HD 1020×1020 professional photo shots and 1 lookbook. 

There’s no subscription, making it accessible for everyone.


What is LookBook AI? 

LookBook AI is an AI-powered tool that generates photorealistic lookbooks based on user-selected attributes.

Who is the LookBook AI developer? 

LookBook AI is developed by Augmented Human Intelligence, a London-based AI research lab.

How much does it cost to generate a book? 

It costs $5 for a one-time payment, and users receive 30 HD professional photo shots and 1 lookbook.

Is LookBook AI safe? 

There isn’t specific information regarding the safety and security measures of LookBook AI. It’s always recommended to review the platform’s terms of service and privacy policy

How long does it take to generate a lookbook? 

The current turnaround time is approximately 12 minutes.

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